Sunday, November 18, 2012

MF Grimm, Drasar Monumental - "Preemptive Strike"

Here's one that I've been wanting to let you guys now about, but I had to wait to the cat got out of the bag.  Well, the cat got out.  This is one that I'm really proud of.  Its a new label and the first project from my people up in Vietnam, CA - NorthStar Zulus representatives.  The label is called Vedetta Vinyl and their first barrage of wax drops December 2012.  The first project dropping is a much anticipated MF Gimm album.  Produced 100% by my NS brother Drasar Monumental.  My brother went in hot and heavy with war goggles and combat boots on.  No faking jax here...  The album titled: "Good Morning Vietnam" is dropping on the limited edition steez with dope art work by my other NS-GFC brother, KUFU.  Also for you DJ's, MC's and music lovers that enjoy instrumentals...  Don't worry, Vendetta Vinyl got's you.  Believe when I tell you to expect all the bells and whistles from these guys.  Be on the look out for the release and do not sleep on this project.  If you're an MF Grimm fan order today!  The label already has their first few projects on the docket and they include: "Good Morning Vietnam #2 - The Golden Triangle" - "Vietnam Breaks" - "California Skratches".  All project dropping on vinyl.  In the mean time leave it to my NS family to get the blood flowing.  Here is the "Preemtive Strike - MF Grimm - Drasar Monumental" to set the table for their first release and get the MF Grimm name out into the airways and energy waves.  Listen to all the lil jewelz throughout the mix.. Truly inspirational.   Here is a play button & link for the free download.  Enjoy!

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