Friday, November 30, 2012

Crazy B-Boy Moves

Here's a video dubbed "Worlds Best B-Boys 2012."  While I'm not sure these cats represent the best B-Boys, I can say you will see some amazing moves.  P.S.  Sorry about the wack music on the video...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DazeRoc-WST - "D" Canvas

Here's one of my many unfinished canvases that lay around that I finally got around to finishing.  This "D" canvas was started when the Montana 94 low pressure paint first came out.  I was amazed by the control of the paint and painted a few small canvases at the time.  This canvas measures 16" x 12" and is painted even on the sides as shown on the photos.  Available for purchase and ships world wide.  Leave a comment or hit me up on Facebook.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Game Theory Riddim Satta

Here we go with another Riddim Satta compliments of LionHeart Sound.  This one is fresh out the press.  Riddim called "Game Theory".  Produced by Joshua Barlow and put out under Jungle Josh Records. Don't worry intention.  Sit back and enjoy or get up and skank.  Sowah!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wild Style Black Friday Sale

Here's one for your E shoppers and the famous "Black Friday Sale".  Wild Style Technicians yearly "Black Friday" $ale.  Use promo code: "FlatBlack" and get 25% of all Tees & Headwear.  Get your HoliDaze shopping started today.
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Wild Style Technicians New Alphabiz Tee

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Here's a sneak peek at the new Wild Style Technicians "Alphabiz" tee design.  Designed by IZZE-WST.  Check out the spin he puts at the end of the alphabet as he combines the WST together.  Available in Men's tees color black or white and sizes from men's small to 3XL.  Also available for the ladies in limited numbers.  Ladies tee comes in yellow and sizes small thru XL.  Order today to guarantee you get your size and color option.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

B-Boy for Life - Movie trailer

Here's one that let's you know Hip Hop Lives.  This also brings new meaning to term: "B-Boy for Life".  This is something that is truly beautiful, how kids with nothing embrace the Hip Hop culture and make it their own.  Against all odds and with nothing, you see the genuine love and energy they give Hip Hop.  It's still new and fun to them.  It has meaning to them and they cherish it more than most here in the states.  The story revolves around a crew of B-Boys from Guatemala that are affected by some of the most dangerous gangs in South America.  I'm looking forward to seeing this inspiring project.  Salute to  Nadus Films.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

iPhone 5 - Wild Style Technicians Cover

If your one of the ones who just picked up the new Apple iPhone 5, well put a lil Hip Hop on it.  Here's is the new Wild Style Technicians Graffiti inspired iPhone 5 cover.  Order today for your iPhone or for that one of a kind Holiday gift.

Here is you link for more info and purchasing.

Visual Art's - Local Style Art Show

Here's a few flicks from last nights Visual Art Supply - "Local Style" Art Show.  The featured artist were Sumo, Esiw, & myself DazeRoc.  The night turned out great.  I had the best date in the world having my lil queen present and enjoying the art culture with me.  I also had great conversations with a few of the peoples and was grateful to see good folks I haven't seen in a while.  Hope to get to build in this locations in the near future.  Jason the owner has a cool store with tons of art supplies, some gear, and wall space to share art from artist from our community.  You got to salute that!  Good to see people opening their establishments to their community & supporters.  I did a project just for this show I'm calling: "The AlphaDaze".  I was inspired by Jason telling me to bring some of the vinyl records that I paint for the show, so I ended up doing the entire alphabet.  It was a cool exercise for me and it kept me more that busy during the week...  I will post close ups of each letter later on the week.  In the mean time enjoy the flicks...

MF Grimm, Drasar Monumental - "Preemptive Strike"

Here's one that I've been wanting to let you guys now about, but I had to wait to the cat got out of the bag.  Well, the cat got out.  This is one that I'm really proud of.  Its a new label and the first project from my people up in Vietnam, CA - NorthStar Zulus representatives.  The label is called Vedetta Vinyl and their first barrage of wax drops December 2012.  The first project dropping is a much anticipated MF Gimm album.  Produced 100% by my NS brother Drasar Monumental.  My brother went in hot and heavy with war goggles and combat boots on.  No faking jax here...  The album titled: "Good Morning Vietnam" is dropping on the limited edition steez with dope art work by my other NS-GFC brother, KUFU.  Also for you DJ's, MC's and music lovers that enjoy instrumentals...  Don't worry, Vendetta Vinyl got's you.  Believe when I tell you to expect all the bells and whistles from these guys.  Be on the look out for the release and do not sleep on this project.  If you're an MF Grimm fan order today!  The label already has their first few projects on the docket and they include: "Good Morning Vietnam #2 - The Golden Triangle" - "Vietnam Breaks" - "California Skratches".  All project dropping on vinyl.  In the mean time leave it to my NS family to get the blood flowing.  Here is the "Preemtive Strike - MF Grimm - Drasar Monumental" to set the table for their first release and get the MF Grimm name out into the airways and energy waves.  Listen to all the lil jewelz throughout the mix.. Truly inspirational.   Here is a play button & link for the free download.  Enjoy!

Mad C

OK.  Let's get back on this blog...  Here's one from my favorite Graff female - Mad C.  Just a few colors and a huge wall.  Nothing new to her..  It's dope that letters are the main composition in all her work and she pulls it off everytime.  #SaluteThat  Check the video and enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Graffiti Handstyles

Here's your Handstyles clip of the week.  This entry comes all the way from China.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Jokes on You Jack!

OK boys and girls it's time for "The Jokes On You Jack" or should I say: "The Jokes on You Cat"...

Hip Hop Lesson No. 4 - Technics SL-1200

Here we go with another Hip Hop history month lesson.  This is lesson No. 4 - The Technics SL-1200  Turntable.  With over 30 million sold, this is the industry standard.  From Radio Stations, DJ's, Turntablist, Recording Studios and any one that wanted the most reliable turntable ever made.  The SL-1200 was first manufactured in October 1972 and production ceased in late 2010.  The direct drive high torque motor design made it it stand out and aided in it's popularity.  I bought my pair in the 90's and everything still works like new.  Salute to everyone that owns a pair and cherishes them as much as true Hip Hoppers do.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TCR Crew @ Style-A-Thon 2012

Here's the production from San Diego's TCR Crew at the Style-A-Thon 2012.   When these guys get it in their motto must be - "Go Big or Stay Home."  These guys gobbled up the walls and claimed their area: "TCR Alley."  They did not disappoint with huge burners and a 3 wall production.  The big hitters were: Dyse1 - Hasl - Zane - Brave - Brisk. 

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 3

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 3 - The Adidas Shell Toe 

Here we go with lesson 3.  The world famous Adidas SuperStar shoe AKA The Shelltoe.  Made originally in 1969 for playing basketball and made famous by RUN DMC in 1983.  No other shoe has endured such a King Status in the Hip Hop game for as long as the Shelltoe has.  With over 40 million pairs rocked, it's as if it's become the official shoe of the Hip Hop culture.  I'm a huge fan, and to me there's just something about putting on a pair of white with black stripe pair.  They just seem to go with anything your rocking.  Here are a few Shelltoe videos I think you'll enjoy.  P.S.  Don't forget the fat laces...  

Monday, November 5, 2012

IZZE-WST @ Style-A-Thon 2013

Here's my partner IZZE-WST rocking at "Style-A-Thon 2012".  Didn't think he even get a chance to paint since he was going to be so busy with the event.  He did manage to get this up and finished during the week.  #Salute  #WST  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

SAKE-IBM-WST @ "Style A Thon 2012"

Here is the final product from my man Sake-WST.  at "Style-A-Thon 2012".  He's calling it "We Smash Toys".  And by the looks of the angry and detailed Hulk I would not question it.

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 2

Let's keep the Hip Hop jewelz going.  Lesson 2 - The Scratch.  From something so simple in it's beginning stages to where it has been taken by DJ's from around the globe.  Who created the Scratch?  How?  When?  The answer is Grand Wizard Theodore.  Here is a small video where he answers how he created the scratch while still in Jr. High.  The second video is a track featured in the iconic movie "Wild Style" that most don't know was done by Theodore.

Hip Hop You Don't Stop

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 1

Happy Hip Hop history month to everyone out there.  Here's what I'm going to try to do.  I'm going to try to give you 1 Hip Hop jewel for everyday of the month.  Here's the first one.  I come from a generation were all the elements intertwine together and most people I knew practiced at least 2 to 3 elements.  The MC & DJ relationship was a one, two punch to be taken serious in those times.  Lesson 1 - Here is perhaps one of the dopest duos that everyone probably forgot about or never heard of.  MC Freshco & DJ Miz.  They hooked up and made the duo after they each won the World Rap and DJ battle.  Here is a dope video from one of their singles that went wild and part of a documentary breaking down the ballistics for you.  

MC Freshco & DJ Miz - We Don't Play