Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 3

Hip Hop History Month - Lesson 3 - The Adidas Shell Toe 

Here we go with lesson 3.  The world famous Adidas SuperStar shoe AKA The Shelltoe.  Made originally in 1969 for playing basketball and made famous by RUN DMC in 1983.  No other shoe has endured such a King Status in the Hip Hop game for as long as the Shelltoe has.  With over 40 million pairs rocked, it's as if it's become the official shoe of the Hip Hop culture.  I'm a huge fan, and to me there's just something about putting on a pair of white with black stripe pair.  They just seem to go with anything your rocking.  Here are a few Shelltoe videos I think you'll enjoy.  P.S.  Don't forget the fat laces...  

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