Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Wild Style Tees on deck

Fresh new gear from Wild Style Technicians will be arriving soon. Here is the first 2 designs that will be shipping soon.

Here is the "New English". This design is available in sizes small - 3XL. Available in black or white and in 2 different ink color ways.

Here is one from long time homie and WST family Arest 150. This design is available in the following tee colors: Blk, Charcoal, Navy, Hunter Green, & Purple. Sizes Small - 3XL. This design will sell out fast so order yours today. For more Wild Style Technicians products visit:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Super B-Beat Show

Here is a dope download from Ahki Mane1 & the 1520 Sedwick DJ's. This is from their weekly "Super B-Beat Show". This episode contains a great interview with Mighty 4 founder Paulskee, done right after the Mighty 4 - San Diego stop. Also Sake and Jarel talk about songs you should never play at bboy jams and the word of the week! This download includes an exclusive Super B-Beat Mix from DJ FLOSKEL of Circle Princz from Germany! Enjoy and check out the show at:

Here is the link for the dowload:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Scratching with Bambaataa & Jazzy Jay

Here is some classic and rare 80's footage of Jazzy Jay and The Amun Rah Afrika Bambaataa. Big up fippy. Thanks Mane.

West Coast LA King OG - TEMPT

Being out in the west coast since the early 80's, I've been blessed to see the Hip Hop culture grow out here to what it is now. In the late 80's me and some of the people in my crew started making trips to LA. I had a Sentra that made plenty of drives to LA. I even got pictures of that Sentra parked inside the world famous Belmont pit next to the wall with the trunk opened filled with over 100 krylon cans all racked.... Yeah in LA, in a crazy ass neighborhood in crazy times.... Sake somehow knew all the spots that we would find graff. To this date I still don't know how he knew where all the spots were, but he did. Zone also made plenty of trips in his huge boat of a Cadi he had. I don't want to know what that would cost in gas now a days. OK, back to LA and this post. On many of the early trips we made to LA, we couldn't help but notice TEMPT's work. Not only was it every where, every yard, & every freeway. It was also fresh and clean with all the dope Krylon colors of those days. I consider TEMPT a West Coast/LA King and legend. To this date one of TEMPT famous freeway kills is my all time favorite. If I ever find the photo that I took of it somewhere here in the vault I'll post it up. Trust me though, It was a full size piece with mad colors in the middle median that separates one of the huge freeways in LA. The most impressive thing about the piece besides the fresh colors and cleanliness was, you had to wonder how in the world he even pull it off. Tempt was also one of the founders of one of LA's first Graff mag "BIG TIME". For those of you that do not know "Tempt" was diagnosed in 2003 with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a rare neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness and resulting in paralysis. I was so moved when I seen this video that I wanted to share it with my peoples in case you never seen or heard of this. God bless you king....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RZA & 36 Chambers...

Here we have Prince Rakeem aka RZA kicking some degrees about life and his new art project. For more information check out:

Monday, March 22, 2010

New PESA Interview

Check out the new PESA interview. This OG from Albuquerque, New Mexico reps TNB, KD, and Wild Style Technicians. The seventh member to get in WST, PESA has continued to fine tune his craft and continually elevate his funk level. Besides repping hard for the crew, PESA has also turn out some of Wild Style Technicians most popular tee designs. If in Cali, check out some of his work in the upcoming WST Art Showcse.

Interview (copy and paste):

Check out more products at:

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Step...

Here is one from a San Diego veteran Tony Da Skitzo with my man Taylor Tosh on the beat. Just a lil something to 2 step too. Enjoy!

Watch people loose their minds..

LOL! Some of the people in the audience are loosing their God dam minds. Michael does kill it. RIP King.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here we go with another video release from LMNO. "PsychoMicroCosmic". This one is from the LMNO album "Fonk Garden" produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow. This is the second of 10 albums to be leleased in 2010. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Everfresh Son of Jarel

Here is a new Music download since I have not put one up in a minute. This is SD Zulus/Dynasty Rockers DJ Son of Jarel. Here he drops a lil of his 7 inch wax arsenal. Nothing but cool and funky breaks for your ears. Enjoy! Compliments of "Peace Ahki Radio"
Copy and paste

In Brief...

Just after bringing us Ed OG & Master Ace, House of Rep brings us another banger. Dialated Peoples - Evidence. Friday March 26th, 2010. @ Brick by Brick. 1130 Buenos Ave. San Diego, Ca 92110. $12 Pre-Sale. $17 at the door. Make sure to go and support.

For you Dub Heads here is one from non other than the TRC Posse. "Dub in the Sky Box". Featuring Black Heart Warriors HiFi & TRC Sound System. March 26th, 2010. @ The Sky Box. 4809 Clairemont Dr. San Diego, CA 92117. 21 & up. 9pm - 1am. $5.

World Famous B-Boy Event - "The Mighty 4" is coming to San Diego. Come support the special event as Mighty 4 Pays respect to San Diego's Hip hop History. 3 on 3 B-Boy Battles with Ahki Mane1 rocking the beats. Also come pay respect to the Mighty 4 Appreciation Awards going to Charlie Rock, DazeRoc, Zodak, Dyse, Empire DJ's, Rock So fresh, & Tribal Gear. Thank you Paulskee and Happy Birthday. Saturday March 20th, 2010. 12pm - 6pm. At: Queen Bee - (North Park) 3925 Ohio St. San Diego, CA. $10. Kids 13 and under free.
Come celebrate and give back to your community. Celebrating SD Zulus certificate of adoption, the chapter will be hosting a Beach Clean Up & BBQ. Come get involved, meet some great people that want to make a difference and share some good BBQ. Going down Sunday March 28th, 2010. At Mission Beach. Meeting between 9am - 10am in front of the life guard station. Work to start at 10 am sharp, BBQ to follow.

SD Zulus "The Zulu Throwdown" finally has a date. Set your calendars and get your fat laces ready. Saturday May 15th, 2010. Stay tune for main flyer. For more info check in at: Thanks again to the YMCA for partnering up with San Diego Zulus to let us bring these events to the youth and Hip Hop community.

Mark your calendars and make your flight reservations. Come celebrate San Diego Zulus 4 Year Anniversary. 4 days of building family syle with chef DazeRoc on the set. Get it in Southern Cali Style.

New York City, here we go. Zulus get your bars up and get the word out. Ahki Sen One & The Universal Zulu Nation presents: "Hip Hop Hieroglyphics". Viewing the Hip Hop Classic "Style Wars" Followed by a panel discussion and art exhibit featuring: Henry Chalfant, James Top, & Lava 1 and 2. This is a fund raising event for the Afrika Bambaataa Muti Cultural Center. Saturday March 27th, 2010. 6:30pm - till. At: Maysles Cinema. 343 Malcom X (Lenox) Ave. NY, NY.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wild Style Technicians Art Show Tour - Part 1

For the first time ever the entire Wild Style Technicians Crew. Over 195 years of combine Graffiti experience. Stand by for dates....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soultrotter Adventures

I had the pleasure of meeting Soultrotter while on a Hip Hop mission in Sweden last year. Mad cool brother and an official member of the family now. Check out this video of him getting down to the beat. Yes the beat... Check in with him at Tell him Daze sent you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rest in Pieces - DARE

Prayers go out to DARE and family. The Graffiti community has lost a King. Rest in Pieces King. Hold a can in the air and spray one for DARE...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheddar Stuffed Chipotle Turkey Burgers

Thanks to all of you who have been sending me shouts on the blog and especially on the "Cooking with DazeRoc" segment. Here's a new recipe from yours truly. Today we are going hit you off with some Cheddar Cheese stuffed Chipolet Turkey Burgers. I'm even going to give you some BBQ cooking tips on this one.


1 pound of ground turkey

1/2 cup of finely chopped onion

1 tablespoon of extra finely chopped green bell pepper

1/2 teaspoon of ancho chile pepper

3 teaspoon of adobo or some sort of seasoning salt.

4 "Z's" of pepper

1 block of extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 bunch of spinach

1 head of lettuce

4 ciabatta or other good bun or rolls


Chipotle ranch dressing


Ok here we go. On the first issue I started with filling a charcoal chimney with some Kingsford charcoals. For the ones of you that have never heard or seen a BBQ chimney here is what it looks like. If you grill even half a dozen times a year go get one of these. You will never need lighter fluid again, so it pays for itself. All you do is fill it up with charcoals and light some crumpled up newspaper and walk away. In about 15 minutes your coals will be ready and your food won't smell and taste like lighter fluid.

While your coals are getting lit get your burger patties together. In a large bowl combine Turkey ground, onion, bell pepper, ancho chile pepper, adobo seasoning, & black pepper. Make sure that the bell pepper is really minced well. You don't want no Eddie Murphy's Mom house burger with a big chunk of bell pepper hanging out the side. Combine all ingredients together with you hands and form 4 large 1/4 pound meat balls. Make sure to wash your hands and handling area good after handling the meat.

Cut 4 large chunks of good extra sharp cheddar cheese. Press piece of cheese inside one of the meat balls and form into a burger patty. Make sure that you seal up the cheese inside the patty good so that it does not melt out during cooking.

By now the coal should be ready. By ready I mean that they are all white. This is how you want your coals to be before you start cooking.

I like using the indirect method of Bar-B-Qing. Indirect means that you will be separating the coals evenly on each side of the grill and placing what you will be cooking in the middle of grill away from the coals. Indirect is good method for meats that usually take more time to cook on the grill like Chicken, Turkey and thick cuts of meat. Place the four 1/4 pound patties on the middle of the grill away from the hot coals.

Now place the top on your grill, grab a cool brew and kick back. Do not open the the grill again and do not flip or mess with the burgers. Let the grill do it's job. Let the burgers cook for 20 minutes with out opening the top. The burgers should be cooked, slightly browned and have some grill marks.

Top each burger with additional cheese. Slice buns and place over hot coals for a few minutes till toasted. Spread Mayonnaise and Chipotle dressing on toasted buns. Place burgers inside buns and top with spinach, lettuce and enjoy. You will be pleasantly surprised with the huge pocket of melted cheese inside the burger. "Provecho" P.S. Stay tune for the next segment of "Cooking with DazeRoc" I got something marinating for you guys....

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Piece.

Here is the piece I rocked at last weeks "Battle Grounds 5". WST members King SAKE also rocked in the mini production and IZZE did a quick WST throwie. Stand by for the video...

Killer Bean...

Thanks Sha.

Here is a link to the entire movie. Copy and paste. Enjoy!

Prayers to Guru

Legendary Brooklyn MC Guru -- half of the infamous hip-hop duo Gang Starr -- is in a coma after suffering from cardiac arrest this weekend. Guru's sister broke the news explaining that her brother, real name Keith Elam, had to remain in the hospital due to complications from the heart attack.

Details remain scarce on the rapper's condition but DJ Premier, Gang Starr's second half, phoned into Sirius Satellite radio station Hip Hop Nation to confirm the details that have been leaked so far.

"Guru is in a coma and will go under surgery tomorrow afternoon," Premier said.

Prayers to Guru and Family. Get well soon, Hip Hop needs you...