Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1970's Graffiti writers still itching to get up

Big up the 70's and 80's school.  Here's a short video of two New York 1970's writers that still have the itch to get up.  The video follows Zypher while getting up, then grabbing his daughters hand and walking away.  Classic!  It also shares some history on LA Roc.  Although I'm from the 80's school and not the 70's and feel like I'm following in this tradition to never stop this art form.  Thanks Mane for sending this my way.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Old School Flashback - Flick of the week.

Old School FlaskBack
Here is a photo of me 1984 pretending to spin on my head. lol.  We use to run it at Helix Plaza. lol.

Boom Bap Moment

OK. It's been more than a week I believe so here is the Boom Bap moment of the week.  Compliments of Rusty Juxx,  produced by Marco Polo.  This is a dope video with very cool special effects.  The video was directed by Todd Angkasuwan.  Great to see these cats making grade A videos.  The song "Nobody" is from the Rusty Juxx, & Marco Polo album - "EXXecution" under Duck Down Music.  Available on iTunes.

Lotus Flower - Riddim Satta

Here we go!  If you've been following the blog you know I hit you with some of the newest Reggae riddims out.  These come compliments of yours truly and my man Special B that form LionHeart Sound System.  This one is the "Lotus Flower" riddim produced by Troyton Hinds of Troyton Music.  Here is the artist list: Alaine, Chris Martin, T.O.K., Ninja Kid, Drema Ft. Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Chuck Fenda, Chase Cross, Liquid, Bugle, & Mr. G Ft. Konshens.  Available on iTunes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OS Gemeos sighting in San Diego

 "Don't Believe the Hype!"
So I was out and about town the other day when I came out of the parking structure I had parked in.  I looked up and right before my eyes stood a 7 story high OS Gemeos paiting.  The painting was right on the side of the parking structure and read: "Don't Believe the Hype!"  Wish I would of ran into these two cats when they were gettin' it in.  God knows I love Brasil.  Glad I had my camera that day.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Graffiti 12 Inch - Going Platinum Series

 Here's the new installment in the "Going Platinium Series".  On this one I went with some computer rock colors and blended Purples and bright Greens.  Rocked with spray paint, acrylics and paint pens.  Available for purchase, so support a starving artist.  Hit me up on Facebook if interested at Daze Roc.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Battle of the Year 3-D - The Movie

Here's the trailer of the movie "Battle of the Year 3-D".  Opening January 2013.  Hollywood always got's to get it in.  Check in...

Hollywood 2013

Hollywood 1984

Hollywood 1984

Hollywood 1984

Hollywood 1984

Hollywood 1985

J Dilla Lives - Still Shining

Here's a dope project made for all the Dilla fans.  The project also celebrates the life and contributions of the late Hip Hop producer. I found this in 4 parts, so here they are.  Hope you enjoy this one.  Bless.

Friday, July 20, 2012

MAD C tests new Transparent Belton colors

OK, this writer just does not get enough props in my book.  This video is not new but if you missed it here it is.  The very talented writer, MAD C test Belton's transparent colors.  Check it...

9.58 Riddim Mix by Lionheart Sound

From one of Jamaica's most prestigious record label, Penthouse Records comes the 9.58 riddim.  Mixed by LionHeart Sound's Selectah Special B.  Artist line up: Mikey Spice, Beres Hammond, Romain Virgo, Exco Levi, R.C.,  & Busy Signal.
Visit our Facebook page "LionHeart Sound" to stay connected.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Shug Feat. Fat Joe & M.O.P. - Hardbody (Prod. By Dj Premier)

Here we go with this weeks Boom Bap classic.  Compliments of DJ Premier.  On some Hardbody Karate and batting lead off is Gang Starr veteran Big Shug, followed by Fat Joe, & M.O.P.  Boom!

Sean Price Opens a Rap Clinic

Cause you got to laugh. Enjoy!
Sean Price opens a Rap Clinic after a tragic accident effects his vocal cords. He is now forced to train up-and-coming rappers, or as he likes to call them, "popcorn f*ckheads."
To help prepare them for the overly critical rap world Sean P uses brash verbal abuse to signal out their many weaknesses.

B-Boy Roxrite on Break´n Reality

Here's a small clip of B-Boy Roxrite on the reality show coming called "Break'n Reality."  This looks like is going to be interesting. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ms Melodie - BDP - Passes Away

Original Boogie Down Productions Queen and former KRS wife Ms. Melodie has passed.  Prayers and condolences to the family.  Ms. Melodie born Ramona Parker dropped her first single in 1989 titled "Hype According to Ms Melodie".  The track was produced by KRS.  She later dropped her only album "Diva" on JIVE Records.  Production on the album was done by then husband KRSONE, The Awesome 2, and Sam Sever.  She dropped her most famous video "Live on Stage" also in 1989 and was part of the famous video "Self Destruction".  She was a member of the Stop the Violence Movement and H.E.A.L.(Human Education Against Lies)
 Hype According to Ms Melodie Video
Live on Stage Video
Self Destruction Video
"I'm Ms. Melodie and I'm a born again rebel/The violence in rap must cease and seckle/If we want to develop and grow to another level/We can't be guinea pigs for the devil/The enemy knows, they're no fools/Because everyone knows that hip-hop rules/So we gotta get a grip and grab what's wrong/The opposition is weak and rap is strong" -- Ms. Melodie on "Self Destruction"
Heal Yourself Video 

Hand Steeze

This is one of me hitting my man PRIZE - (GFC, NS) blackbook at the Aerosoul 3 event.  Had a great time there.  Stand by for story and flicks.
 Starting it out.
Action shot.
Finished product.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Affection Riddim Mix by LionHeart Sound System

As we continue with the hot a fyah new riddim mixes.  Watch di mix...  Produced by H20 Records comes the new "Affection Riddim".  Mixed by LionHeart Sound with artist like: The Living Fyah Chuck Fenda,  Sizzla Kalonji,  Esco,  Pressure Buss Pipe, & Busy Signal. 

Graffiti on records

Graffiti on Records - Going Platinum Series

Here is another installment in the Graffiti on records - "Going Platinum" series.  This one is in red tones rocked with spray paint, acrylics, & paint pens.  Available for purchase, so support a starving artist.

FaceBook: DazeRoc

Jungle Skunk Riddim Mix by LionHeart Sound

Yey, yey!  Here we go with another new riddim mix by Special B of LionHeart Big tune Sound.  This one goes to all my skankers out there.  Sowah!  Compliments of Irievibrations Records from Australia is the new "Jungle Skunk" riddim.  Pull out a lounge chair and press play.  Artist list: Perfect,  Ras Muhamad, Raphael, Kabaka Pyramid, Luciano, Anthony B, Konshens & Delus.  Jungle Skunk Riddim is available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon.

Rider clip of the week.

Here we go with this weeks rider clip.  In this weeks clip we got a person that weighs way less than the bike but this dude is a true ridder.  Check out how he handles this Honda CBR600RR

Monday, July 16, 2012

Most Royal Riddim Mix by LionHeart

Here we go, hot off the press we got LionHeart's New Riddim Satta.  Brand New brought to you by Maximum Sound from the UK and produced by Veterans Lenky & Frenchie is the "Most Royal" Riddim.  Here the Jugglist Specialist LionHeart Sound bring you the new riddim mixed for your listening pleasure.  Artist line up: Cecil,  Chris Martin, Sizzla, Agent Sasco, & Tarrus Riley. Visit the "LionHeart Sound" FaceBook Page to stay connected. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Here's a quicky from my mello my man - SAKE-WST.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi "Boom Bap Goon Rap"

Here's your end of the week Boom Bap Video.  Woo woo woo woo wooo WHAT!  #HipHopLives #BKStandUp 
 Let's Go!  Enjoy.

Going Platinum Series

Here is the latest installment in the "Going Platinum" series.  This series is all on old records.   Rocked with Montana Hardcore spray paint, acrylics, & Marvy paint markers.  Available for purchase.  Hit me up on Facebook if interested - DazeRoc

D-Bird Table

This is what happens when you're too broke and can't get new patio furniture and you got a bunch of scrap cans laying around.  I took what I should have thrown away and transformed it into the new "D-Bird" table complete with 4 chairs.  Anyone down for a BlackBook session?
Click on photo to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chapter Art Exhibition - Chapter 1 - Characters

Here you go for the folks coming to San Diego for the big Comic Conn week.  Walking distance from the convention center and in the heart of Downtown SD.  This exhibition is called  "Chapter"  The first chapter being characters.  I will be showing at this show.  The world famous D-Birds will be making the pilgrimage.  Stop by and see the first 3 original D-Birds that started the collection.  All available for purchase.  Here is a list of the artist showing.  

Artist List : Dark Matter - Letek - Chale - King AL- Toygami - Daze 
- Sumo - Brian Hebets - Danielle D. Smith - Andres Sarabia - 
Nite owl - Onedr - Reggie Warlock - Basic Lee - AMR. 

Opening reception: Saturday July 14th, 2012  from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Address: 402 Market Street San Diego , CA 92101 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Legs retiring letter

I came across this today and thought it was a cool share.  This is a letter Crazy Legs - Rock Steady Crew put out about his up coming retirement and his last battles at this years Rock Steady Anniversary.  Legs is one of the biggest B-Boy icons to ever lace up the fat laces and at age 46 he is still hungry and is going out (Battling) his way.  A big shout to my Boricua brotha Crazy Legs.  Thank you for all the great memories. #Salute #77
  • I can't sleep! All I can think about is battling and practicing. I feel like a creative genius right now. I wish i had somewhere to practice right at this very moment. B-boys and B-girls know the drill. It's coming closer to the RSC 35th Anniversary and what will be my final battles. I've been training for 5 months now and as each day passes I feel more anticipation and a greater sense of urgency. Every thought running through my head is about what that day will be like. I feel like I will never be ready enough, because of my own personal standards that I place on myself as a b-boy and member of Rock Steady Crew. There's no way that I'm taking any of these great WARRIORS that I'm battling, lightly. All of them are are incredible, command respect and will be going at me hard. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy for even doing what I'm doing. Let's be serious and completely honest for a second. I'm 46 years old and battling people that are almost half my age. Who in their right mind does that any way? But, the way I see it. It's the icing on the cake for a long and great career as a b-boy. I get to go out on my terms and I get to do it in the very manner that I started with in the hip hop game. Any old school head knows that you had to put your reputation on the line in order to protect it. And if you couldn't do that, then you were a scrub, toy or just straight up WACK! And that's how I want to go out. Win, Lose or Draw, I'm going out like Frank Sinatra and doing it my way. Even a Crazy Legs hater that's a b-boy and is true to the game still and better give it up! Because, I'm going out HUNGRY, DETERMINE and with no FEAR. No bullshit and no fillers. Pure b-boying at it highest degree. Frontline status and no hiding behind a legacy, pioneer status or self-proclaimed "I'm the best" notion. I'm taking myself and putting myself on the virtual b-boy fishing rod as bait and telling people to come get it! I can't tell you what the outcome is going to be for each battle, but I will tell you one thing! If you want that floor, you better come and take it from me. I will feed off your desire to take any imaginary crown or title that you or anyone may have claimed that I have. It's on baby! And this Puerto Rican is on FIRE! I will see those that accepted to battle me in the ring on July 28, 2012 at The Altman Building in Manhattan. Bring your family, friends and hood. We're making history! Who has questions?

Custom Hip Hop Dog Tags

New steez.  Had to switch it up.  Here's the hot of the press Dog Tags.  Get your name, Logo, or Art Work on these high quality Dog Tags.  Ask me how.  Group discount available.  Find me on Facebook - DazeRoc

OC & Apollo Brown - Just Walk

Here we go with todays Hip Hop Lives moment.  This Boom Bap classic comes compliments of OC & Apollo Brown.  This is on some grown MC talk.  When you see me - "Just Walk..."

Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) - Dream Sequence feat. J. Mitchell

Here we go with a lil Souther Cali Boom Bap.  Straight out of San Diego comes Johaz the Savage.  Here is the first single "Dream Sequence" from the Exile - Johaz mixtape titled "Salvation."  The duo is calling themselves Dag Savage on the project and the Free mixtape promises not to disappoint.

New Zone-WST Burner

Here's the lil semi thing my man ZONE-WST put up this weekend.  #Salute to the entire WST Family celebrating 20 years as a crew.

Massive Monkeys win R16 Korea World Bboy Crew Finals 2012

Here is another one for the family.  One of my favorite B-Boy crews - Seattle's Massive Monkeys have gone to Korea and taken the R16 B-Boy Championships.   These guys are always hungry, well prepared and take their craft very serious.  A huge congratulations to the entire Massive Monkeys family.  You guys have worked hard and earned everything you gotten.  #Salute.  Here is the video of the final round that sold the win.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Snowgoons ft Planet Asia, Krondon, Banish, Ras Kass, Aims - What That West Like (VIDEO)

Here's the new video from the Snowgoons Dynasty album out July 17, 2012.   Im real proud of this one.  It has my peoples, SD's own Banish & Aims.  The same two that I've shared with you guys in the past.  Check out the line up on this single and Planet Asia rocking the fresh white Wild Style Technicians tee.  #Salute!  This album promises to keep it Hip Hop.  Here is a list of what is has in store.  Remember out July 17th!

1. Snowgoons Dynasty Pt. 2 ft. Freestyle
2. Get off the Ground ft. Termanology, Sean Price, H- Staxx, Justin Tyme, Ruste Juxx & Lil Fame (M.O.P.)
3. What U Do This For ft. Krush Unit (Side Effect, Sick Six, Brainstorm & Adlib)
4. John McEnroe ft. NBS & Sicknature
5. Better Day ft. Lyriciss
6. Goonsville ft. Blaq Poet & Uzual Suspectz
7. Cardiac Rhythm ft. Sean Strange
8. Queens ft. Royal Flush, El Toro, Scott G & Crookz Green
9. Street Passion ft. Rozewood
10. Fight Club ft. Knowbodies, Smiley, Checkmark & E- Flash (of NBS)
11. Akhenaten (One) ft. Hasan Salaam
12. What That West Like ft. Planet Asia, Krondon, Banish, Ras Kass & Aims
13. Turistas ft. Blacastan
14. Press Ya Luck ft. Mykill Miers
15. The Legacy ft. Esoteric, Ill Bill, Godilla, Fredro Starr (Onyx), Sicknature, Punchline, Reks, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Planetary (Outerspace), Virtuoso, Maylay Sparks, Swann, Sav Killz, M- Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze
16. Missing Pages ft. Revolution of the Mind & Sabac Red
17. Goon MuSick ft. Sicknature
18. The Cypher ft. Aspects, Ghostface Killah, Swisha T & Killah Priest
19. Concentrate ft. Prop Dylan
20. Get Down ft. Bam
21. Born to Spit ft. Fel Sweetenberg
22. Prayn in the Rain ft. Eshon Burgundy
23. Shutout ft. Dirt Platoon
24. Snowbiz ft. Faez One & Main Flow
25. Take Notes ft. NBS & Lady Repo
26. The Rapture ft. Meth Mouth, Swifty Mcvay & Bizarre (of D12), King Gordy & Sean Strange
27. First Cousins ft. Joell Ortiz, O Doub, Bundy & Codey
28. Reality Check ft. Tribeca & Respect tha God
29. That's Me ft. Nutso
30. Hood Ikon ft. Tragedy Khadafi
31. Grim Reaper ft. Freestyle & Grim Reaperz
32. Rear Naked Choke ft. Viro the Virus

Rider Clip of the Week

Bogota, Columbia.  - Here is one for all my riders.  Check this guy descend his ride over 10,00 feet and in style.  Riders, ride on...

Worlds best cotton candy maker

Got to start you guys off on Monday with some funny biz I found surfing.   This guy has to be the worlds best cotton candy maker.  Check out the shapes he makes and his great moves...  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blaq Poet - "HATE" feat. N.O.R.E. (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Here is you daily fix of some good old Boom Bap.  Sucka MC's take note how to write a 16.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Rein - Mr. Brady, Piff

Here is your New Mr. Brady production joint.  Featuring Piff.  Enjoy!

RIP - Yomo Toro

We lost a big one.  The great Puerto Rican musician Yomo Toro has passed.  My condolences go out to his family.  Yomo Toro born in Guanica, Puerto Rico is better known for playing the "Cuatro" the national instrument of the island.  He started playing at age 6 and by 15 had formed his first trio - "La Bandita de la Escuela trio".  He is credited for being the first to play the Cuatro in Salsa music and  bringing the indigenous instrument to the rest of the world.  Yomo also played with the greatest Salsa band of all times "Fania" started in 1968.  He recorded an amazing over 150 albums and worked with all sorts of other artist and genres.  The Cuatro is used mainly in "Jibaro" music and that is something he displayed his entire carer.