Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dag Savage - DRUGS ft. Coss & Choosey aka Makeshift

Alright, let's keep it moving.  Here we go with a new video of the Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) LP.  A big salute to my man Johaz as he continues his journey and stakes claim as San Diego's top MC.  This is the song "DRUGS" ft. Coss & Choosey aka Makeshift.  For sure one of the boom bap tracks of the album, press play and get ready for the head nod.

Honey Pot Riddim

Honey Pot Riddim

I had to hold this one back so you could digest the previous Riddim Satta's.  Nuff big tune dropped during the month of February and here's proof.  Brought to you by LionHeart's famous Riddim Satta Series, this is the Honey Pot Riddim.  Produced by Silly Walks Discotheque straight out of Hamburg, Germany.  This riddim comes stacked with an all star lineup that's guarantee to sooth your soul and make you push the repeat button.  The artist lineup on the mix is: R.C., Jah 9, Ginja, Torch, Lutan Fyah, Daville, Chronixx, & Esco Levi ft. Kabaka Pyramid.  The highlights for me is the Chronixx and Torch song.  Both can be turned by The Jamaican Tourism Board as anthems for the rest of the year.  The Torch song has what I'm calling the video of the year so far running.  I got goose bumps watching the yardi video.  Then the Esco Levi ft. Kabaka Pyramid is one of those champion combination tunes that you'll want to wheel up.  Do what you do, but get ready to be set free when you press play.  Enjoy.

Torch Video - Good Reggae Music

Slap Tags

Not the biggest or the beautifulest, but more....
Click on flick to enlarge.

Monday, March 25, 2013

This is a Public Service Announcement

"Hip Hop is Not Rap Mother Fucker!" - Danny Hoch

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Camo Shell Toes - Adidas Classics

Check these joints out!  I need me a pair of these ASAP.  These just need a pair of fat laces and we're good.
"My Adidas!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flip the Script - The Evolution of Graffiti Hand Styles - Book Review

Here's one for you Writers and Hip Hop enthusiast that appreciate history jewelz and the art of Handstyles which of course predates pieces.  This is the just released book: "Flip the Script - The Evolution of Graffiti Hand Styles".  A project that took 10 years to bring forward.  Big salute to author Christian Acker.  Glad someone took it serious.  Now a days new toys, I mean new writers don't even bother working, or learning the basics.  They want to run and leap before they learn to crawl.  No jab, no set up punch, just a lazy sloppy right that seldom lands.  Unorthodox, out of shape, and just making a mockery of this art form that has been passed on thru generations and decades.  They want to do so called burners before they even have one tag of their own name that's even worthy of even calling a tag.  This looks like an A+ from a books perspective.  The books uncovers a wide array of styles, eras and cities to make this a history/Hip Hop calligraphy manual.  Follow my advice on this one and make this part of your collection or Hip Hop library.  Big shout to my NS-War Party brother Sha One for sending this my way.  He's always putting me on and passing Hip Hop jewels my way.  Thanks brotha - Good Family Cares.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rebel Music

If you follow this blog you already know about Kabaka Pyramid.  Here's a free download link to his album "Rebel Music".  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby D-Bird Hatches...

 Finally made it to the sanctuary and found signs that D-Birds were in the area.  Upon further inspection, I found a nest with a baby just hatching.  Here are flicks of the first of 3 hatching baby D-Birds.  Can't wait to see the other 2 when they fully hatch.  They will be available for purchase once they clear all the check ups.  Birds come with a mini easel to perch your baby bird on.  Contact me if interested.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

AlienNess breaks down Toprock

Here we go with a Hip Hop moment....  Check out my man AlienNess break down the science of Toprocking.  He also talks about promoters separating the dance and adds that it creates confusion in the dance.  Sit back and enjoy as Ness kicks you a few Hip Hop jewelz.  * Disclaimer: If your not down for truth and reality don't watch the video.  If your watching, take note and spread the message.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ZONE - WST. Funkadelic 80's Relic

BlackBook Sessions

Here we go with another ZONE-WST blackbook entry.  My man, always getting it in and staying free. Check the techniques and take note on this almost lost art form. 

Scriptures Riddim Satta - LionHeart Sound

Yeah Man as promised, here's the next Riddim Satta compliments of LionHeart Sound.  Produced by platinum producer Don Corleone and partnered with an all star lineup.  Riddim mix features: Tessanne Chin, Mitch, Duane Stephenson, Da Professor, Jah Vinci, Jah Cure, T. O. K., Chronixx, & Morgan Heritage.  This riddim just dropped and it's already becoming a fan favorite.  Press play and sit back and relax.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

6 year old B-Girl battling young B-Boy

And you thought they were just cute.  Check out the moves these two young kids put on.  Absolutely amazing!  Watch the boys first round which includes Halo's while reaching backward towards his feet and a dope lil spin under moves he does at the end of his set.  Wow!  Not to be outdone the lil B-Girl tells the boy "No, no, no" and pushes the boy back telling him she's not done.  She then hits him with some flaires into headspins.  What?!  All I got to say is #HipHopLives

Friday, March 1, 2013

Contagious Riddim Satta - LonHeart Sound

The hot and heavy trend of top riddims dropping pout of Jamaica continues to be impressive.  Big up good music.  February has been on fire and here's yet another one drop riddim brought to you by Troyton Music and mixed with no hiccups by the Champion Sound LionHeart Sound.  This is the "Contagious Riddim" featuring: Mblem, Alaine, Voicemail, Chino, Mavado, I-Octane, & Jah Vinchi.  Press play and enjoy di good vibes....

WU - The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan (Full Documentary)

Here we go with a Wu banger.  I know this flew right by some of you guys.  Many of you probably never even heard of it.  Here's the Wu Tang documentary titled: "WU - The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan."  Just thinking about some of their tracks makes me want to get my Timb's on and get free.  Yee!  These guys changed the game.  From their style and delivery to RZA's vision of what he wanted to create.  He understood something most fail to understand.  That being, that talent and rapping alone was not going to cut it.  RZA made a brand name, a packaged deal, he understood the business and the theatrical part of it.  He is truly a visionary.  You cocked-eye sucka MC's may want to take note.  Now sit back and enjoy the story of one of raps biggest story.  Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with...

Wu-Tang Forever