Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flip the Script - The Evolution of Graffiti Hand Styles - Book Review

Here's one for you Writers and Hip Hop enthusiast that appreciate history jewelz and the art of Handstyles which of course predates pieces.  This is the just released book: "Flip the Script - The Evolution of Graffiti Hand Styles".  A project that took 10 years to bring forward.  Big salute to author Christian Acker.  Glad someone took it serious.  Now a days new toys, I mean new writers don't even bother working, or learning the basics.  They want to run and leap before they learn to crawl.  No jab, no set up punch, just a lazy sloppy right that seldom lands.  Unorthodox, out of shape, and just making a mockery of this art form that has been passed on thru generations and decades.  They want to do so called burners before they even have one tag of their own name that's even worthy of even calling a tag.  This looks like an A+ from a books perspective.  The books uncovers a wide array of styles, eras and cities to make this a history/Hip Hop calligraphy manual.  Follow my advice on this one and make this part of your collection or Hip Hop library.  Big shout to my NS-War Party brother Sha One for sending this my way.  He's always putting me on and passing Hip Hop jewels my way.  Thanks brotha - Good Family Cares.

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