Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shepard Fairey / Obey - NEW Montana MTN Collector Can 2012

Here is the next artist to get a limited edition Montana Hardcore Limited Edition can. Shepard Fairey's OBEY.  He actually got 3 if you take in consideration that he got 3 different colors.  I'm patiently waiting for my 3.  They should be in my collection by next week I hope.  Thanks for checking in.  Don't forget to subscribe and to leave comments.  Peace and Blessings.  D-Roc.


Mobb Deep & Bob Marley - Bobb Deep

Here are a few videos from a real dope project I had forgotten about.  This is DJ Swindle's "Bobb Deep - Queensbridge meets Kingston.  Hip Hop meets Reggae...  Check in and get free.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Large Professor - Forever

I swear this is going to be me and my lil one in a few years.  Got to love the creativity in some of these new videos.  Big up  Calvan Fowler of DayDream Film Works for producing the video.  Add Large Pro to the mix and you just can't go wrong.  This song comes from Gensu Dean's debut album "Lo-Fi Fingahz" so check in. Enjoy.

ZONE1-WST. Back at it again...

What more can I say?  My man is back at it again.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aaron Evans - We All Work

Here is a video I have to share with you guys.  This is Aaron Evans "We All Work" featuring Generik.  The video was filmed Gorilla style on the San Diego Trolley with no permission or notice.  The trolley is San Diego's light rail movement.  Real cool to see the reaction of the people as the video unfolded.  One guy there went from surprised, to bumping his head, to forgetting about all his days worries.  By the time his stop came his morale was way up and he was free.  Hip Hop Lives!  Enjoy!

CHAKA - Los Angeles Bombing Legend...

Here is a lil video I found from an Art Exhibition / Installation called "CHAKA - Ressurection". It features one of the most prolific bombers of all times, CHAKA hailing from Los Angeles, California.  Just a lil piece of history for those that never heard of the man.  Enjoy!

DOOM1 aka Raid RIP Tribute

DOOM1 aka Raid RIP Tribute

Here is something I’ve been meaning to share with you guys.  This is the outline and flicks of a tribute I painted for a good friend that had his life cut short due to violence.  He was one of San Diego’s best bombers and graff writer of his time.  His name was DOOM.  My first partner in crime SAKE and I ran into both him and his partner DEF KOZY together.  The place was the Spring Valley Swapmeet.  For some reason that seemed to be a hub for graff writers at the time since it was easy to buy and come up on paint even if you were a kid.  I used to save up my lunch money my mom would give me to eat lunch at school, so I could get cans on Saturday morning at the Swapmeet.  We went on to meet many other writers those early Saturday mornings at the Swapmeet.
(Outline drawn on rooftop.)
I painted this as part of a Hip Hop jam called “Hip Hop is Dead”.  The jam was paying tribute to dead Hip Hop artist and turned out to be a packed house.  The place was magic.  The graff writers got to paint on the rooftop of this building in the middle of downtown!  You could see San Diego’s downtown 360 degrees.  It was very uplifting and spiritual to be up there closer to the clouds and be doing a tribute piece.  Hat’s off to the promoters for finding that gem of a place.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the festivities.  I’m also adding the rest of the pieces done by the other artist.  Enjoy!
 DazeRoc-WST - DOOM1 RIP Tribute.
 D close up.
O close up.
"Above the clouds, above the clouds..."
Rammelizee tribute by CROL.  Stencils by Eyemax.

PARIS tribute by GLOK.
 DJ Leacy tribute by SAKE-WST
Dream-LA-SF/Sane Smith NYC by KUYA.
SPACE tribute by VAPOR.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Greens. It's what's for breakfast...

So after a building and morale session with my NorthStar bredrens I decided to get it in on another level.  Here is a what has been going down for breakfast and on some occasions dinner as well.  My 3 year old daughter loves it.  We call it "Green Monster Muscle Juice".  The trick is to go to the you local organic vegy spot and pick up everything green.  The list includes: Kale, Bok Choy, Cucumbers, Chards, Spinach, Broccoli, Celery, Green Apples, Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Banana, Strawberries, & a hand full of raw almonds.  I guarantee you will feel great inside and out and will be more energized than having a cup of coffee or an energy drink.  Get it in and stay free.
Green Monster Muscle Juice

Flick of the Week.

Here is the CMYK Spray paint can.  Clever...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Max Payne graffiti by Toons 1, TazRoc, & Cre8

Here is a quick video I found of one of my NS brothers Toons 1.  He,  Cre8 & Tazroc got to rock some billboard promo for the movie Max Payne in Los Angeles.  Looks like the brothers did a great job and had fun with it.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

IZZY-WST "D" Canvas

Here is the just finished "D" canvas from IZZY-WST / "ABC series".  He's been doing the entire alphabet in no particular order and here is the last installment.  The piece is up for grabs, so hit him up asap if interested.  Enjoy!

Banish - "Gone"

Here is the video of an up and coming San Diego artist that I have shared with you guys here in the past.  Banish comes from good stock and lets his hard work ethics do the talking for him in the ever so proud MC circles.  It sure has been fun watching this cats hard work pay off for him.  Solid production, great cameos and a clean video.  What more do you want?  Salute!  The song "GONE" is the taken from the New album "Dredgar Cayce".   The album features guest appearances by: Crooked I, Rakaa, Ill Bill, Reef the lost Cauze, Outerspace, Demoz, King Magnetic, Block McCloud, Aims, James Heated and production by:
Snowgoons, Sicknature, MTK, Aims, King Jahzzy, DJ Rybe, Vherbal and more.  Enjoy!

Black History Month – February 2012

     One of the best things about being around in this Hip Hop culture since the 80’s is seeing all the new generations that continue to sprout.  There is nothing like building with and passing jewels to the youth.  With that said this is something I’m very pro active about with the San Diego Chapter of the NorthStar Zulus.   
     Celebrating this past Black History Month I was able to team up with one of our community partners – The Writerz Blok.  They were doing a month long session with the Malcom X Library and asked the San Diego NorthStar Zulus to teach a DJ class.  We got this very last minute, but the opportunity to work with and leave something in the minds of these youth was too much to just pass up on.  I ended up doing half the class on history of the turntable, DJ history with some Hip Hop history and history on scratching.  The second part of the class was the most enjoyable for the kids since they all got their turns at playing with the turntable and trying to scratch for their very first time.  The students we’re great and we also had some participation from a few adults as well.  The one thing that just gave me a huge smile and let me know that Hip Hop Lives was this 11-12 year old girl that for some reason just really seemed to be advanced even though it was her first time even seeing a turntable up close.  She had rhythm and could baby scratch on point, bobbing her head and shoulders at the same time.  Hip Hop Lives!  
   Here are some of the photos I was able to get from the great folks at the Malcom X Library.  One Love and Enjoy! – DazeRoc-WST
 SDNS Zulu DazeRoc teaching.
 Itching for a scratch...
 A youth trying the turntable for the first time.
 Easy does it. 1, 2. 1, 2..
 Having fun and learning something new.
 My favorite student at the demo!
 We had participants from all age groups.  it was a good day.
 The kids were great.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sadat X - "Turn it Up" / Pete Rock

Here is a cool video of Sadat X with the Chocolate Boy Wonder - Pete Rock.  The song "Turn it Up" dropped in 2010 but the video might have got'n slept on.  The song comes from Sadat X's  album - Wild Cowboys II on FatBeats Records.  Enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

NC Burners - North Carolina Graffiti

Here is a quick time-laps of one of the productions I already shared with you.   This was rocked on my birthday at the Central Park School wall in Downtown Burham, North Carolina.  Thought you might enjoy the video.  Compliments of Runaway Clothes, Wild Style Technicians, & The Funky lords...

Zone-WST Blackbook session Part 2

Here is another one just finished and hot off the press.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zone/WST - Blackbook Session

Here is a dope outline and video from my partner in crime Zone1-WST.  Here he rocks an "AZHQ" outline.  Check the videos out if you want to see someone still rock a blackbook the old school way.  This is a lost art form in itself.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Inc. Documentary

Check this documentary out if you haven't yet.  The documentary is called "Food Inc."  The documentary breaks down all sorts of information that the masses do not know about our food and the way it is owned, manipulated, and altered.  Search and find the documentary and check it out.  It's on Netflix if you got that.  In the mean time here is the trailer.

Digging in the crates with Afrika Bambaataa

Here's my flick of the week.  Her'es my NorthStar Zulu brothers digging in the crates for jewelz with the God Father of Hip Hop himself Afrika Bambaataa.   For the record collectors, it doesn't get any better than this.  The P is Free!  Enjoy!

San Diego NorthStar Zulu 6 Year Anniversary

It's coming!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mad Joker - Collabs of Napalm

World Premier....  Here is the highly anticipated Madd Joker - Collabs of Napalm.  I go way back with Joker.  Actually I've known him since 1983.  His passion for music is unmatched and he does not fake jaxx.  He's put mad people on to Reggae his first love and Hip Hop as well.  He's has rubbed shoulders with everyone and has made some of my favorite collaborations.  I know he's worked hard for this project and here's the fruits of his labor.  Classic Boom Bad tracks and hints of reggae here and there throughout the album.  There are cameos from: Sean Price, Michael Palmer, & Blame One just to name a few.  Support real artist and real music.  Just out, you can pick it up and listen to it at the following link.  Enjoy!

DazeRoc & Sake Wild Style Technicians

This is a lil 1, 2 punch me and my man Sake did during the 2011 Art's and Culture fair across the street from the Writerz Blok graffiti park.  This is 1 of 4 large walls that are up in the neighborhood and stay up indefinately.  On this particular one we did "Break" for the Break Boy or B-Boy.  "Graffiti" was also done on another board by Izzy-WST and Bean from Writerz Blok.  Hope to get a chance to work on the 2 other walls that are still left open. (The MC & The DJ).  Enjoy!

Johaz Produced by Exile

Here is a track from onr of my favorite San Diego MC's - Johaz of the award winning group "Deep Rooted"  Here he partners up with West coast producer Exile to bring you a Boom Bap classic.  Enjoy!

World's Largest Rope Swing

This is some crazy ish right here...  Check in.