Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black History Month – February 2012

     One of the best things about being around in this Hip Hop culture since the 80’s is seeing all the new generations that continue to sprout.  There is nothing like building with and passing jewels to the youth.  With that said this is something I’m very pro active about with the San Diego Chapter of the NorthStar Zulus.   
     Celebrating this past Black History Month I was able to team up with one of our community partners – The Writerz Blok.  They were doing a month long session with the Malcom X Library and asked the San Diego NorthStar Zulus to teach a DJ class.  We got this very last minute, but the opportunity to work with and leave something in the minds of these youth was too much to just pass up on.  I ended up doing half the class on history of the turntable, DJ history with some Hip Hop history and history on scratching.  The second part of the class was the most enjoyable for the kids since they all got their turns at playing with the turntable and trying to scratch for their very first time.  The students we’re great and we also had some participation from a few adults as well.  The one thing that just gave me a huge smile and let me know that Hip Hop Lives was this 11-12 year old girl that for some reason just really seemed to be advanced even though it was her first time even seeing a turntable up close.  She had rhythm and could baby scratch on point, bobbing her head and shoulders at the same time.  Hip Hop Lives!  
   Here are some of the photos I was able to get from the great folks at the Malcom X Library.  One Love and Enjoy! – DazeRoc-WST
 SDNS Zulu DazeRoc teaching.
 Itching for a scratch...
 A youth trying the turntable for the first time.
 Easy does it. 1, 2. 1, 2..
 Having fun and learning something new.
 My favorite student at the demo!
 We had participants from all age groups.  it was a good day.
 The kids were great.

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