Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WST x FUA Production

DazeRoc-WST x Range-FUA x Izzy-WST

After years of cracking jokes and checking out each others crews work on the world wide web I was hype when Range-FUA called me and said he had touched down in So. Cal aka San Diego.  With just only a few days in town, we knew we had to set something up if it was going to happen.  Izzy lined up a wall thru the good guys at the Writerz Blok and the mission was on.  Being a huge fan of Range's characters I knew he was going to get character duty in the production.  Izzy rocked a small WST at the end of the production so I suggested to Range that he throw up a FUA on the other side.  He handed the job to Izzy to keep with the same style and flow.  I ended up with background duty and came up with the exaggerated bubbles to help fill the large empty spots in the background.  We kept the vibe, conversation and music 100% Hip Hop all day.  The wall blessed us with some shade, so we couldn't complaint about a thing.  #TodayWasAGoodDay  Mad shout out and salute to Range for being a cool old school writer and helping take this production to the next level.  My man even showed SD some love on the Chargers character.  On a side note the Chargers won the next day and are the No. 1 team in the NFL as I write this.  Hope to be able to visit Rochester one day and get down on my mans walls. One love to the entire FUA familia and hope you enjoy the flicks.

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