Saturday, November 27, 2010


Here we go again with some more WST Funk.  This time compliments of official members DUEL1, & ZONE1.

Click on the flick to zoom in.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Zone-WST finishing the year strong.

November is almost gone and so is 2010.  Zone1 is not letting the end of the year slow him down.  With a request from team member Stae2 to keep it Chunky, Zone has obliged.  Here is a lil something he did with the usual scrap cans he finds laying around.  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Sale!

Once again, It's on!  The WST Black Friday Sale.  One day only.  Enter special promo code: FlatBlack at checkout.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nites Out Magazine

Check out the new issue of "Nites Out" Graff Mag.  The WST Crew has a 2 page spread.  Big up to the Family.  Be on the look out for Nites Out next issue with a full out interview including the entire Wild Style Technicians Crew.
Cop your copy at

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incredible Interview

Here is an incredible interview I got from the Fam.  It's a radio interview of my NorthStar Family member KUFU-TNS talking some graff, politics, and some of the wonderful work he puts in his community on a daily ritual.  After hearing this interview I had to share it it with you guys.  I am again truly honored to be part of this great NorthStar Collective.  This is an educated brother really doing work with the youth, the community and letting his perseverance, sweat, and Amazulu ways to do the talk for him.  Hotep my brother!  One Love and Salute!

 Here is the link to the interview:

New DyseOne Graff Hoodie & Jeans

Check in at and see the New DYSEONE Graff Zip Hoodie & Graff Jeans.  The Heavyweight zip hoodie is lined up with a multi-process including Flocking, Screen Printing, Large Embroidery and all the bells and whistles you would want.  The price is incredible for this type of garment. 
Also check out the matching Jeans and Tee.  The Jeans have tons of graff detail and attention through out the jean.  Inside, outsides.....  lol.  Thats what happens when you seen Style Wars as much as my generation...  The back of the jeans have a full color screen print on the back pockets.  The front has dripping screen print with large embroidery.  Limited numbers only, so don't sleep.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Funk Thanks Taking...

Got a call through the 3-way from the mountains that Brother Kufu along with his TNS platoon were moving closer to their objective.  Moving through thick brush and danger around the corner they were all on their obective in Vietnam, CA.  Once the group advance to their position, the operation: "Funk Thanks Taking" was unleashed.  Here is what the courageous soldiers pulled off.  Brother Kufu, always killing it, with some food for the brain at the same time.  Thanks P, for the flicks...


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 37th Year Anniversary Universal Zulu Nation!

37th Anniversary of The Universal Zulu Nation
& 36th Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture.

Nov. 11 - 14, 2010 ::: presented by Nubian Productions

Hosts: GrandMaster Caz & Mick Benzo

DJs for the Anniversary Weekend include: The Original Jazzy Jay, TC Izlam, GrandWizzard Theodore, DJ Rockin' Rob, DJ Chuck City, DJ Tony Tone, DJ Johnny Juice, DJ Ready Red, Cutman DL LG, DJ Mark Luv, DJ Flawless, DJ Melstarr, DJ Vicious, Jazzy G, DJ Love Kid +

Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ Gaucho's Bronx NYC
B-Boys/B-Girls - Get Lite Family Night
6pm-? All Ages! Phony PPL (funky band of teens) from 10:15-11:15pm. DJs DP One, Swan...John Swan, Cutman LG, PopMaster Fabel, DJ Jazzy Jay, GrandWizzard Theodore & DJ GrandMaster Caz @ Gaucho's Gym 478 Gerard Ave. Bronx NY 10451 (behind Hostos College betw. 146th &149th). 2, 4, 5 to 149th & Grand Concourse or for directions. $15 w/ flyer or $10 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID. $25 without flyer.

Friday, November 12, 2010 @ Gaucho's Bronx NYC
Chubb Rock, PMD, Jimmy Spicer, Just Ice, Black Rob  
plus Soul Flower, A Prime, Ras Kofi Methuzelah and DJs.
9pm-? All Ages! @ Gaucho's Gym 478 Gerard Ave. Bronx NY 10451.  (behind Hostos College betw. 146th & 149th)
2, 4, 5  to 149th & Grand Concourse or try for directions.
$20 w/ Flyer or $15 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID or $30 day of without flyer.

Saturday, November 13, 2010 @ Hip Hop Culture Center - Harlem NYC
Cold Crush Brothers, SoulSonic Force, Crash Crew, Son of Berzerk, T-Ski Valley, Ultramagnetic MCs, Big Daddy Kane
Marc Live, Jessie West, Halflip, DJ Johnny Juice, Brothers Fantastic, Stik-E In The Hoods, Smooth da Hustler, Trigga Da Gambler and DJs! 9pm - ? All Ages. $20 w/ flyer. $15 w/ Zulu/Moorish ID. $30 w/out flyer. Hip Hop Culture Center in the Magic Johnson Theater 2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd. 2nd Fl Harlem NYC 10027. A C B D to 125th or for directions.

Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ S.O.B.'s NYC
X-Clan, Brother J, Isis, YZ, Paradise, Rakaa, Roxanne Shante, Large Professor, Grand Puba, Sadat X, DJ Tony Touch, PMD,
plus Kid Jazz pka J Swagga, Super Hero's, Billy Ray, Jasiri X and more! 9pm-? S.O.B.s  204 Varick St. @ West Houston New York City 10014. $20 w/ flyer or $15 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID or $30 without flyer.
1 train to Houston or try for best directions.

This Anniversary is Dedicated to Those Who Crossed Over to Watch Over Us as Hip Hop Ancestors including: Cowboy, Whiz Kid, Mercury, Disco King Mario, Master Don, Freeky Tai, Iz the Wiz, Sugar Shaft, Professor X, Big Pun, Tupac, Scott La Rock, B.O., Matthew Hall, Frosty Freeze, Notorious B.I.G., Buck 4, Kuriaki, DJ Darryl C, Kid Delight, Dondi, Jam Master Jay, King Sha Sha,  Trouble T-Roy, Easy E, Michael Mixin Moore, Rudy Pardee, Rob 1, Talk Sick, DJ Dusk, Money Ray, J Dilla, Guru, Grand Master Roc Raida, Mister Magic, Rammellzee, Catfish Collins & Apache

Zee Flicks.

WESK-TFL sighting in SD

That's right.  The infamous WESK-TFL came down and with that said San Diego TFL representatives STYLE1 & ZONE1 had to join in on the fun.  I missed the festivities due to not having a phone.  Problem solved....


My Adidas!

Well not really mine, but my daughters Taina.

Blood Fyah Warriors...

Friday evening and I get a "What up Geek!" from my mello my man ZONE1 on the iChat.  Before we even sent 5 messages to each other we had already made plans to go rock some long time coming Silvers.  I showed up at 8am sharp at the Writers Block and Zone was just 5 minutes behind.  The day looked bad and it didn't look promising at all. 

Before we could even get out of the cars it started raining.  Long story short it poured down for a few hrs. before we even got to make a decision to even paint.  I really didn't event think we pull it off but with the positive vibrations and light Morgan Heritage gave me at 6am sipping on my coffee, something had to give.  Zone wiped the walls down from the rain. with some towels he brought in anticipation.  We buffed our spot like mad men and started our outlines.  As usual Zone was done before I could blink and I ran out of my outline color with just a few 3-D spots to fill in.  Since we did silvers I spent my majority of my time with the 3-D.  Having ran out of my outline color I threw in the towel for the day.   I marked the wall "Not finished, Be back" and though I be back the next day.  Should of known better... We'll the next day turned out to be 2 days and by the time I returned some toys decided to practice their wack ass hand styles all over our pieces.  Barely even 2 days old and the pieces were all destroyed.  The theme was "Blood Fyah Warriors" so I decided to pull it off and fix my entire piece including the back ground witch I buffed with my bare hands.  I never found the exact color of my outline but had something that came pretty close.  The hardest thing was having to redo the 3-D spots that were messed up.  What I thought was going to take me 20 minutes to finish the original few 3-D spot I left not done, turned out to be 2 hrs. of fixing up lines and 3-D.  None the less I finished hit my tag and left with: "You can't stop We.." (Jamaican voice)


Friday, November 5, 2010

Dynasty Rockers hit Europe.

Just sending mad love to one of my NS Family members Cold Chris - Dynasty Rockers.  He is going on a lil  Workshop Europe tour.  Hit him up to check in with him and see his whereabouts on the trip.  Good luck my brother and have fun.

The Real Hip Hop, I't over here...

Here is another WST mission sighting.  This time is the Architect - IZZE1.  He was called by the good people at Writers Block to come do a quick 1,2 punch for a play production.  The theme was Hip Hop and the color scheme was Gray tones.  Iz quickly grabbed the cans provided and went to work.  Looks real cool for a quickie gray tone.  Enjoy!

Actual photo.  This is not a Blk. & Wht. photo.

Zone sighting in NYC!

That's the deal ya'll.  My man ZONE got sent to the East coast for a day or two on some work related trip.  Leave it to my man to work in a painting mission while on work duty.  ZONE had never painted with our WST East coast representative STAE2, so I was praying he could pull it off.  The thought of ZONE painting in NY and linking up with one of our family members meant a lot to the WST squad.  After a long nightriding mission and tons of coffee/Redbulls he made it to the point of attack.  He met with STAE and SETER who took care of him like Family does.  They both pitched in and before long, ZONE had a few cans and a few hrs. to get down before he had to be back at work or miss the fight.  Amazing how fast this guy paints.  In the few hrs. he was there, he was able to rock two pieces before he had to disappear like the Taliban going into the hills.  Here is a few flicks of the fun.  Enjoy!

Click on the photos to enlarge.