Friday, November 5, 2010

Zone sighting in NYC!

That's the deal ya'll.  My man ZONE got sent to the East coast for a day or two on some work related trip.  Leave it to my man to work in a painting mission while on work duty.  ZONE had never painted with our WST East coast representative STAE2, so I was praying he could pull it off.  The thought of ZONE painting in NY and linking up with one of our family members meant a lot to the WST squad.  After a long nightriding mission and tons of coffee/Redbulls he made it to the point of attack.  He met with STAE and SETER who took care of him like Family does.  They both pitched in and before long, ZONE had a few cans and a few hrs. to get down before he had to be back at work or miss the fight.  Amazing how fast this guy paints.  In the few hrs. he was there, he was able to rock two pieces before he had to disappear like the Taliban going into the hills.  Here is a few flicks of the fun.  Enjoy!

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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