Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stations of the Elevated - 1981

1981 NY Early Days of Subway Graffiti

Here's another gem that came my way from my man Mane One.  This is definitely one for the train aficionados and fans of the early/pioneering days of the graffiti movement.  The movie captures the sites and sounds of the yards, & the trains making their all city routes.  Big up Slave who's all over the movie.  I swear I wanted to say: "It's like a good smell.." after I watched it.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beat Swap Meet LA - 6 Year Anniversary

Beat Swap Meet Los Angeles 6 Year Anniversary

This is one I'm not wanting to miss.  Having gone to the last one, I finally seen what all the hype was about.  There were records diggers for sure.  They were everywhere.  But there was also many other things and bargains to be had.  Yoga, B-Boy Session, MC's, DJ's, mad Hip Hop and none Hip Hop items to come up on...  The fun was endless and free to the public.  If you live in LA or are going to be in the area during that time, do yourself a favor and head out to the Beat Swap Meet celebrating their 6 year anniversary.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Flick of the Week - "Wish"

Flick of the Week

Here's on that's battle tested.  Oorah!  This one comes compliments of New York Wild Style King, "CES1".  Enjoy!
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#Ces #Wish #BX #WildStyle

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breakin' 'N' Enterin' - 1983 West Coast Hip Hop Documentary

Breakin' 'N' Enterin' - 1983 West Coast Hip Hop Documentary

Ok you Hip Hop diggers, here's a rare one that might have flow by you.  It's called "Breakin' 'N' Enterin' " and covers the early days of Los Angeles Hip Hop.  There is some real early footage here as well as classic material.  One of my favorite West Coast rap artist of all times, Ice-T is seen here Popping, Locking, Uprocking, Breaking & MCing.  Add that to pimp, hustler, and player...  Yee!  You also see the impact the Hip Hop craze  had on the kids from the hood.  Manny were saved and chose not to be in gangs or on drugs. #HipHopLives  If your from the early LA scene please leave some comments and shed light on some of this early and rare footage.  Enjoy! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Production of the Month - Tones One & Rey One

Geneva, Switzerland

And you don't stop...  Here we got the production of the month.  EDK members Tones One & Rey One lost their minds on this one and definitely got free.  Check out the classic graff style, executed to perfection.  Burners, burners, and more burners mixed with a few characters..  Can you dig it?