Thursday, November 3, 2011

Computer Problems

To all my Blog followers,

     Please accept my apologies for not keeping up with the Blog.  My computer has taken a dive and I've been unable to get update the Blog.  Please bear with me and I'll have the blog back in biz...  Thank you to everyone that checks in and follows the blog. 

Peace and Blessings,


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CASE 2 Homage by ZONE-WST

Here is another of the many tributes being done for the fallen Graffiti Legend KASE 2.  This one comes from my partner in crime ZONE1-WST.  Here is the quote he left under the flick: 
"When someone who means so much to the culture like Case did, passes, you just don't carry on like everything is normal and as it was...I'm saddened by the fact that I'll never get to meet or paint with the King of Style...He's pretty much the reason why I try my best to put genuine style into every piece I do. To me Case was the Muhammad Ali of Graffiti. A bold poet who could back up every word...My condolences to Case's family and the TFP Crew. I hope I was able to do Case's name justice. - Zone1-WST"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Native American and an activist John Trudell

Here is a dope documentary I got from one of my Zulu Brothers.  Brought to you by Native American and Activist John Trudell.  Check in and open up the mind.  War Party Zulus - Never Surrender.  Enjoy!

Freestyle Session 14 Trailer

Had the opportunity to go and work at the Freestyle Session 14.  The weekend was in full effect.  Tons of proper check ins and master building cyphers with Kings, Scholars, & Students.  Here is a quick trailer for the DVD.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AIMS - Cold Nights

World Premiere.  Here we go with another video jump off.  This one comes compliments from my man AimsAims a San Diego Boom Bap producer belts this one out and hands down beat producing job to  DJ Rybe on this one.  This one is from AIMS Solo Debut Album - Damnation.  Enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

KASE 2 Tribute

Here is a lil quick video of my man KUFU-GFC putting down a quick KASE 2 tribute.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Message From Afrika Bambaataa


Peace Be Unto You:

This message is for YOU and Whomever Else who wants and can GET INVOLVE:

The health issue in the Hip Hop Community is a crucial topic that really needs to be address on a national level. Health Insurance is a serious problem in the Americas which is a shame. Europe has a way better health Insurance for the people than all the Americas do. How many of us have health insurance??? Health Insurance is like paying rent or mortgages and that is one of the biggest problems facing all Americans especially Hip Hoppers in trying to get affordable health Insurance. the real problem is knowing what foods to eat right for our Natural Being selves from birth to death. To tell the truth most Americans do not eat healthy natural organic foods and even to go organic or raw foods is expensive as buying to Mac computers, LOL. But we have a serious problem in our community of Hip Hop. Our Brother the father Kool Herc cause much awareness, but now everything back to silence again on health in our community. Now our Great Brother Ernie has a bill that will take a life time and cause problems even for his family to pay off cause all of us seriously do not have that heath insurance of the fake American dream. What do we as thinkers and doers in Hip Hop Activism do about this? What awareness in making some real serious noise about this to get our All Nationalities so called races of Hip Hop flavor of Humans to formed a Hip Hop health Insurance for All People?

Kool Herc,Brother Ernie,myself,you,who will be next??? How do we make noise to get all the big spenders(Executives) in Hip Hop who serious have money and these record labels who made so much money on Hip Hop to help out in Brother Ernie Bill as well as to help all of us to Make a serious Hip Hop affordable health insurance. Also to teach our community about Natural Herbal Organic teachings on Health. We must deal with both sides of the medicines but mostly teaching our Hip Hop community on the Natural way of Healing. How can we give a big benefit concert and a big dance  rave to help brother Ernie out with his bill and to form a real Hip Hop Health Insurance Agency??? Come on my Warrior Think tank cause we need all to help out with this. What club,center,big Dance Hall will give us their space to do this in any state or city? How do we approach all these Hip Hop stars or singers who were photo shoot by Brother Ernie and got even more famous cause his taking some bigger than life pictures of them,which end up in Word Up,Right On,or many of all the different music magazines or books out there past or present?

This is a test to all our community who claim they love Hip Hop but don’t Honor it with backing it up with money but everyone else outside of it cause of greed end up controlling it and not giving nothing back to help out like a Universal Zulu Nation Dome Cultural Center  which could house a school,gym,auditorium,health clinics etc. Hip Hop Museums etc. Hip Hop for a United Nations of the Streets etc. Come on my Think tank of Hip Hop,How do we make noise on all radio shows,TV shows our own Media to help out Brother Ernie and US to raise money for Brother Ernie and us to do a successful Hip Hop Health Insurance???? What can we do to help self? And if 2012 predictions does happen as many think or say,then we will not have to worry about no bills,Hip Hop Health Insurance or anything in the world cause if 2012 does happen we can kiss our asses goodbye cause we did not even raise awareness in Hip Hop about Disaster Preparedness. The Hip Hop Anniversary is coming in November 9 to 13 can we get some type of Benefit in for Brother Ernie or any time after for a large event with many Hip Hop stars,singers,even another benefit with all DJS for health benefit?We need organizers and doers of the word. Please let us all know what we all could do about this serious problem in our community that has went back to sleep after our Brother father Kool Herc incident. May The Supreme Force to Whom is called by many names keep giving all of you many Blissings and may we all STAND UP on Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Work in uplifting Fallen Humanity.

Each One Teach One,Feed One, Help One, Get Up and Do For Selves

Peace ,Honor and Respect

Your Brother in Music and Struggle

Afrika Bambaataa 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1980's Graffiti Flashback

Been in the game for a minute and can't get away.  Going to try and dig up some 80's flicks every now and then to share with you guys the glorious 80's.  Here is an oldie but goody me and my old partner in crime rocked.  "CRIME IN THE CITY - Part 1".  Compliments of TAZ aka SAKE & DazeRoc 1986, in the 2 Yard.  One of San Diego's first yards.  Painted mainly with Growco spray paint, bought and racked at the Spring Valley Swap Meet.  We later on did a "Crime In The City - Part 2" in La Mesa, another city in San Diego.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

MAD C tests new fluorescent Belton colors

This Queen is on a tear.  Not sure if I've ever seen a female yet alone a guy on the streak this Queen is on.  Giant one woman productions!?  Ghees...   Here she tests the new line of fluorescent colors by Belton paint.  If your a fan of fluorescent paint you might want to try these.  They boast better coverage and true fluorescent colors on photos.  MAD C is fully sponsored by them and has even helped bring along colors to the paint company.  Enjoy!



You better have Style & learn to be Original...

CES sighting in San Diego!

Still mad I couldn't get to this last Saturday.  A free goody bag compliments of Standard Brands Art Supply and some dope artist in the place made for a good day.  I had a bunch of other stuff on my plate but here is a flick I found of the damage CES left behind.  From the flicks I've seen, he crushed everyone there and gave it a genuine effort for the time he had to paint.  A true graff and Wild Style legend to me.  Hey, maybe next time right?...

Persue -Montana Collectors Can

Wow!  Let's keep it moving.  If it wasn't good already that a San Diego artist (Chor) got recognized with it's own Montana collectors can, here we got a second artist.  That's right.  San Diego's PERSUE who has travel the world painting has been blessed with the recognition.  Limited to only 500 world wide and with a new wooden box for display.  Support your local graff writer and cop one today.  Yee!

Off The Wall - Graffiti Event.

Just got the scoop on the up and coming "OFF THE WALL" 4 on 4 graffiti battle/event.  It's all going down in Seattle, Washington - August 28th, 2011.  Big salute to the 206 Z's for their hard work on this event.  Here is rest of the info:

The Northwest's premier aerosol art production battle
Sunday, August 28th

Taking place at the Sodo Wall
2250 Occidental Ave So.
Seattle, WA 98134

4-on-4 Crew Battle - $1,000 Cash & Prizes!
For more information and to enter the competition visit:

Choor Boogie - Collectors Montana Can

Here we go with another Spanish Montana Hardcore collector's can.  As usual, limited to only 500 pieces.  This one comes with a new twist. Packaged in wooden box instead of the normal cardboard box.  I like!  I've been collecting these since they came out and was wondering when they were going to start using US artist.  Finally, the newer ones have.  This one is special to me since it's from San Diego writer and good friend Chor Boogie.  This guy has worked extremely hard to hone his skills to where he is.  I seen the climb and could not be prouder of this guy.  Salute to you Chor!
For more info on Chor Boogie check in at:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We do it in the spirit of Hip Hop... NSZ's.

Here is a video I found of a dope Art show I had the privillage to attend with my fellow Ahki, Chibi Breaks.  The show was titled: "AeroSoul 2 - Urban Hieroglyphics"The historic event honored the contibutions of Black/African Spray Can Muralist and supported the the community mural projects aimed at curbing the crisis of violence plaguing the youth of color.  The NorthStar Zulus - Wa Set (Oakland) chapter help put this event on and it was a hit.  The entire show ran for the entire month with educational discussions and panels on every Friday of the show.  

Show included artist like:   

 Bay Area-based: Refa1, Toons, MadHatter, Spek1 and Kufu1 (all from the TCB crew); Kemrexx (TDK); Del/Phresh and Stare (BSK); Cuba (TF); and Trendie (KTD), the show also features visual artists Brett Cook-Dizney and Emory Douglas - resident artist for the Black Panther Party.

Southern California: Overton Lloyd (album art designer for Parliament-Funkadelic) and members of the RTN, WCA, UCA, TDF, KOA, L2S, DTK and SMD crews. 
Chicago: Orko and Slang (FEDS). 
Philadelphia: Dawud Anyabwile, the artist known for the Brother Man comic.
New York: Phade (TC5/Shirt Kings); Dooley-O; Gem7, Snatch, and Gnome (CWK), the crew who illustrated Just-Ice's "Back to the Old School" album, Mantronix' "Needle to the Groove" 12" and many other graf-laced designs for Sleeping Bag/Fresh records; Slave TF5 (From the grafumentary Style Wars); and members of the YNN, TMT and MBT crews. 
Senegal: Docta.
France: (and other parts of Europe) Mode2.
I was honored to be in attendance at this show and got to meet some NY legends.  The entire weekend was smash being able to eat, share, laugh, and build with my true Zulu Brothers.  Hers is the video.  Enjoy!  
"Hip Hop.  You're the Love of my life..."

Monday, August 8, 2011

KASE 2 - The King of Style.

News coming in that he is not dead and in the hospital.  Pray for KASE2.

The beginning of 3-D lettering.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brave, Hasl, & Clip

Here are a few flicks of a barber shop I found around town.  Brave, Hasl, & Clip went in on it.  Enjoy!



Vintage San Diego Hip Hop Flicks

Just as the title states.  This is going to be a new segment where I'm going to do my Joe Conzo imitation and post some old San Diego Hip Hop flicks that I've taken or have been part off.  MAll of these were taken with a 135 mm camera.  These first 3 are circa 1983-1984.  Enjoy!
This is me pretending to be headspining.  lol.  This is at the apartment complex Helix Plaza, right of the 94 freeway.  We had lots of fun at those apartments.

Here we have my old Popping partner Mr. X and Kid Hop busting nickles.  This is at Eucalyptus Park.  The same one that SD Zulus had a B-Boy jam last year at.  We walked with the linoleum and boom box all the way to the park just to get down.  Just like in the movie "Wild Style". lol

Here is another shot of Helix Plaza apartments.  1983 for sure.  This is Mr. C before he changed his name to Kid Hop and my lil next door neighbor Joseph that I use to baby sit and mentor.  Fun times...  This is it for right now.  Stay tune as I try to show you some truly vintage flicks and share with you a lil piece of San Diego Hip Hop history.  Peace and Blessings.

Happy 50th T-Kid

Here we go with a lil video of the Nasty boy himself The Terrible T-Kid 170.  This king is 50 and still holds it down on the regular and can still crush cats.  Happy big 50th King.  Check out how the king cools out and then goes bombing a fresh production even in the rain.  The incredible CES1, Ske, & Serve hold it down in the producto.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Break Yo Self 3 Trailer

Here is a lil taste of the B-Boy scene out here in San Diego.  B-Boys from San Fransisco,  Arizona, Mexico, Florida, Spain, and much more came to get down at "Break Yo Self 3"  This jam is throw and hosted by Ahki Ryno and Uncomfortably Fresh Crew.  Be on the look out for their next event.  Enjoy!

Ernie Paniccioli needs your help

Here is a bit of sad news.  Legendary Hip Hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli has cancer and over the next 5 weeks will be doing radiation therapy 5 days a week. He has already incurred medical bills over $40,000. If you could help promote this page in any way or give any amount regardless of how small, we would really appreciate it. Currently he has over 4 thousand friends on Facebook. If each person donated $10 we could raise 40k almost immediately. Please feel free to donate more, but if all you can donate is a couple dollars or even ONE dollar, that will help. Let's show Ernie that Hip Hop takes care of its own!

Here's the link you can share with your friends:
To check out his fan page check:

Keepers of the Light - "You Don't Know Why"

Here is a free download compliments of my man King Jahzzy.  It features Planet Asia, Kahlee, & Banish.  This is from the album "The Earth's Last Hope".  Coming out soon.  The download is available in may formats for your liking.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flick of the Week.

Go this from the Chief Rocker himself.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DJ Craze tribute to Roc Raida

Here is one of the many Roc Raida tributes.  This one comes compliments of DJ CRAZE.  Thanks Grim for sharing.  Enjoy!

Roc Raida - RIP

"Will you look at it?"

Time for another segment of "Will You Look At It?"  This is the Time Square Edition.  Enjoy!

Zone-WST sighting in So. Cal.

Ohhh wee.  My man is HOT right now.  Pushing WST to the fullest.  Here ZONE-WST bangs one out another sure shot with the TFL Crew.  Big up to the Lords Crew.

ZONE-WST sighting in Atlanta, Georgia.

As stated below, my man has promised to keep things HOT this summer.  Humidity and all.  Here is ZONE-WST again, this time in the hot and grimey  ATL.  Check, check...

ZONE WST sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Here is a shot of ZONE-WST getting down with fellow WST member PESA in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Keeping things Hot this summer...

30 MINUTE MIX - NO. 97 Cover Art

Here is lil sneak peek at the DJ Mane One - 30 Minute Mix Mo. 97 cover done by Wild Style Technicians veteran ZONE ONE.  A true Graff writer still putting in BlackBook time.  Nuff said.  Enjoy!

Writerz Blok Graffiti Park - San Diego

Here is the link on the New website and Facebook of the Writerz Blok.  Writers Block is a Graffiti Park that was created to help the youth and the community that it is part off.  Wild Style Technicians and the San Diego Zulu Nation Chapter have worked thru out the years closely with the Writerz Blok to keep the dream alive.  The Block is located at 5010 Market St.  San Diego, CA 92102.  Please support and check them out.  Also don't forget and add them to your facebook account.

Peace Ahki Radio

After a much too long layoff, the PEACE AHKI RADIO show is coming back.  Better than ever with a new format.   Guest DJ's, Jiveisms, News, Product-Song Reviews, & lots more.  New show starts Octobert 2011.  Add us on Facebook to stay connected.

Now accepting Drops, Promo's, & Music for consideration.  Send to  Also ask us how to become a sponsor of the show.


Here you go, fresh of the press and ready for summer.  The long anticipated second installment of PESCI rocking his 3-D art for the WST line.  This is going down as one of the top 10 tee designs Wild Style Technicians has done in their 14 years as a company.  Step up to the plate and order yours today, these things will not last long.  Available in Men's Tee, Men's Tank Tops, Ladies Tee, Hoodies, & just added for summer, Flip Flops.  Yes I said it, flip flops.  Its how we do it out here in Cali. lol...
 Available in Men's Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, & 4XL.  Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, & White.
Available in Men's White - Medium, Large, & XL.
Available in Ladies Turquoise in Small, Medium, Large, & XL.  Very limited pieces.

Available in Men's Black in Medium -  Large, XL, & 2XL.  Very limited numbers.
Available in Small, Medium, & Large.
For more great WST product visit:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Tat of the week.

Salute to the GFC's up in Oaktown.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DJ MANE ONE 30 Min. Mix

Here is the new DJ MANE ONE - 30 Min. Mix No. 95.  Cover art designed by yours trully.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soccer ball prank

This ish is too much. LOL!  The laugh in the background just adds to the foolery.  Enjoy the laugh...

Nites Out Mag - WST Edition

Here is the cover for the next "Nites Out Mag" coming out soon.  Cover piece by ZONE1-WST.  This issue covers exclusives with KET, DOC TC-5, CAVS, SEN2, WEB & the entire Wild Style Technicians Crew.  Support the graff scene.  Be on the look out and pick up a copy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mic Abuse 2 Mix Tape

Here is a link to the Mic Abuse 2 Mix Tape Project.  There are a few hard copies if interested.  Mix tape comes free with all "Mic Abuse" items available at  Enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Food for thought...

I found this floating around the net.  This is from someone I'm proud to be able to call my Amazulu brother.  His name is Ernie Paniccioli.  A Native American activist, Hip Hop photographer since the 70's, & writer.   Here he gets you to use critical thinking to see the checks and balances that need to be made.  One Love brother Ernie.  Wanishi

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bonafide Riddim - LionHeart Sound

If you need to decompress, here is a brand new Culture riddim called the "Bonafied Riddim".  Mixed by Selectah Special B of LionHeart Sound.

Hip Hop Lives...

Here is a dope video I found about some B-Boys in Morocco that go by the name Lhiba KingZoo.  Check out how it is it in other parts of the world.  These cats take a horse carriage together to get to practice.  See the genuine passion in these B-Boys that have not been spoiled by commercialism.  They bring their culture and brotherhood to the floor.  Truly beautiful.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

B-Boy Reveal - Peep the techniques...

Here is a quick B-Boy Reveal check in.  Real proud to be able to call this guy my friend.  Great person, genuine, & real.  One of the dopest B-Boys to come out of San Diego.  He influenced mad kids around the world.  Check it...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big L Documentary.

Here is the trailer for a Big L Documentary Titled "Street Struck".  The documentary has been out on hold from what I've heard.  Hope all the details get worked thru so that we can all get a lil story on one of the finest liracist to ever bless the mic.  BIG L Rest in Peace!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clear Neon Spray Paint.

That's what I said.  

What do you think?

Going Platinum Series.

Here is a flick of one of the awards I created for Ahki Ryno's B-Boy Jam - "Break Yo Self 3".  It's one in a  project called "Going Platinum Series".  This one was done for my man JC up at Edukation Athletics.  After receiving the award, they took it back to LA and decided to give it some justice and sent it to Fire Foxyness who specializes in making clocks out of records.  Here is the final project. 
A truly timeless piece...

Flick of the Week.

In Graffiti we Trust...

"Will you look at it?"

Here we go with another segment we like to call "Will You Look At It?"  This is the "Dog Edition".  Enjoy!

Whole Foods

This one goes out to my Whole Foods peeps...  Planet, Drasar, Kufu, Refa.   Thanks Taylor.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Original D-Bird

Here is #3 of the first 3 D-Birds I did.  16 x 20 canvas, signed and numbered on back.  Rocked with Montana Hardcore and 94 Spray Paint.  Detailed with Marvy pens.  Also used special Montana Poltergeist glow in the dark paint on a few spots for special effects when the lights are off.  If interested here is the link:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another D-Bird sighting.

There was another "D-Bird" sighting.  This time at the San Diego Poster Show.  This particular "D-Bird" was curated exclusively for this show.  Where will the infamous "D-Bird" fly to next?  Big shout to Kid Riz for putting this show on.  Hope we get more of these.
This comes on brown Butcher paper.  Rocked with pastels, crayons, & Montana 94 spray paint.  Artwork measure 16" x 20" and comes framed in a 18" x 24" black frame.
 Copy and paste for more info:

WST in Vegas

This past weekend members of the Wild Style Technicians Crew we're in Los Wages to get down in a Hip Hop show.  Sounds like a lil Hip Hop vacation to me...  Rock some WST Burners during the day for the back drop of the show.  Open up for KRS at night.  Zone handled his end of the bargain on the walls with this fresh Burner.  Sphere opened for KRS with his group Verbal Threat.  Salute to Nor Cal Funkstyle letter king Trixter.

Here is video of KRS rocking that night.  Compliments of Zone's phone.
Verbal Threat - "Reality Check" for you wack MC's that need to realign your chakras.  Dj Premier on the production.