Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Message From Afrika Bambaataa


Peace Be Unto You:

This message is for YOU and Whomever Else who wants and can GET INVOLVE:

The health issue in the Hip Hop Community is a crucial topic that really needs to be address on a national level. Health Insurance is a serious problem in the Americas which is a shame. Europe has a way better health Insurance for the people than all the Americas do. How many of us have health insurance??? Health Insurance is like paying rent or mortgages and that is one of the biggest problems facing all Americans especially Hip Hoppers in trying to get affordable health Insurance. the real problem is knowing what foods to eat right for our Natural Being selves from birth to death. To tell the truth most Americans do not eat healthy natural organic foods and even to go organic or raw foods is expensive as buying to Mac computers, LOL. But we have a serious problem in our community of Hip Hop. Our Brother the father Kool Herc cause much awareness, but now everything back to silence again on health in our community. Now our Great Brother Ernie has a bill that will take a life time and cause problems even for his family to pay off cause all of us seriously do not have that heath insurance of the fake American dream. What do we as thinkers and doers in Hip Hop Activism do about this? What awareness in making some real serious noise about this to get our All Nationalities so called races of Hip Hop flavor of Humans to formed a Hip Hop health Insurance for All People?

Kool Herc,Brother Ernie,myself,you,who will be next??? How do we make noise to get all the big spenders(Executives) in Hip Hop who serious have money and these record labels who made so much money on Hip Hop to help out in Brother Ernie Bill as well as to help all of us to Make a serious Hip Hop affordable health insurance. Also to teach our community about Natural Herbal Organic teachings on Health. We must deal with both sides of the medicines but mostly teaching our Hip Hop community on the Natural way of Healing. How can we give a big benefit concert and a big dance  rave to help brother Ernie out with his bill and to form a real Hip Hop Health Insurance Agency??? Come on my Warrior Think tank cause we need all to help out with this. What club,center,big Dance Hall will give us their space to do this in any state or city? How do we approach all these Hip Hop stars or singers who were photo shoot by Brother Ernie and got even more famous cause his taking some bigger than life pictures of them,which end up in Word Up,Right On,or many of all the different music magazines or books out there past or present?

This is a test to all our community who claim they love Hip Hop but don’t Honor it with backing it up with money but everyone else outside of it cause of greed end up controlling it and not giving nothing back to help out like a Universal Zulu Nation Dome Cultural Center  which could house a school,gym,auditorium,health clinics etc. Hip Hop Museums etc. Hip Hop for a United Nations of the Streets etc. Come on my Think tank of Hip Hop,How do we make noise on all radio shows,TV shows our own Media to help out Brother Ernie and US to raise money for Brother Ernie and us to do a successful Hip Hop Health Insurance???? What can we do to help self? And if 2012 predictions does happen as many think or say,then we will not have to worry about no bills,Hip Hop Health Insurance or anything in the world cause if 2012 does happen we can kiss our asses goodbye cause we did not even raise awareness in Hip Hop about Disaster Preparedness. The Hip Hop Anniversary is coming in November 9 to 13 can we get some type of Benefit in for Brother Ernie or any time after for a large event with many Hip Hop stars,singers,even another benefit with all DJS for health benefit?We need organizers and doers of the word. Please let us all know what we all could do about this serious problem in our community that has went back to sleep after our Brother father Kool Herc incident. May The Supreme Force to Whom is called by many names keep giving all of you many Blissings and may we all STAND UP on Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Work in uplifting Fallen Humanity.

Each One Teach One,Feed One, Help One, Get Up and Do For Selves

Peace ,Honor and Respect

Your Brother in Music and Struggle

Afrika Bambaataa 

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