Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage San Diego Hip Hop Flicks

Just as the title states.  This is going to be a new segment where I'm going to do my Joe Conzo imitation and post some old San Diego Hip Hop flicks that I've taken or have been part off.  MAll of these were taken with a 135 mm camera.  These first 3 are circa 1983-1984.  Enjoy!
This is me pretending to be headspining.  lol.  This is at the apartment complex Helix Plaza, right of the 94 freeway.  We had lots of fun at those apartments.

Here we have my old Popping partner Mr. X and Kid Hop busting nickles.  This is at Eucalyptus Park.  The same one that SD Zulus had a B-Boy jam last year at.  We walked with the linoleum and boom box all the way to the park just to get down.  Just like in the movie "Wild Style". lol

Here is another shot of Helix Plaza apartments.  1983 for sure.  This is Mr. C before he changed his name to Kid Hop and my lil next door neighbor Joseph that I use to baby sit and mentor.  Fun times...  This is it for right now.  Stay tune as I try to show you some truly vintage flicks and share with you a lil piece of San Diego Hip Hop history.  Peace and Blessings.

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