Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hip Hop computer mose pad

Wisdom, Soul, & the Truth...

Here we go! Hot of the press we got the New Wild Style Technicians mouse pad.  This is the new one from the limited edition mouse pad series.  Design by San Diego's artist Romali.  If you like it order today - Limited numbers.
For more great Wild Stye Technicians items visit:

Flick of the week

Here is one I'm calling - "This place is bombed.."  Enjoy!

HEX-TGO San Diego sighting

Here are a few flicks I got not too long ago at Writerz BlokHex was down in San Diego to help a fund raising event called "4 the Love" and got down for everyone.  Good to see the brother doing his thing and inspiring others.  Enjoy!  Don't forget to leave comments.  I will respond to all comments.  One love.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

B-Boy Tank Tops - New Summer Wild Style Gear

Here we go just in time for the summer. Get your B-Boy Tank Top and get your B-Boy Stance on.  Designs by Zodak 1-WST and also available in men's tees, ladies tees, & computer mouse pads.  Check the website to see colors, & sizes. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

DJ Premier, Nas, & the Berklee Symphony Orchestra.

Here is a cool mini documentary I found.  You got Director Premier (lol) directing the Berklee Symphony Orchestra.  You see how Hip Hop music always takes from all sorts of different genres and comes up with their own spin on it.  A lil scratch here, a lil bit of that and add the Boom Bap drums and it becomes: #Official.  #PremierForPresident

Custom Hip Hop Cups

Here's a shot of my promo coffee cup I put together.  I can design or take your design and put it in a cup just like this.  Group discount available and I do ship world wide.  Paypal payment accepted.  Reach me on Facebook if interested.  Now get you coffee on...

Don Corleon Records - Pennie Wallie Riddim

Brand new and just out of Hitmaker Studio in Kingston Jamaica comes the hot summer riddim, "Pennie Wallie".  Produced by champion producer Don Corleon.  Here is a video of him in the studio building the Pennie Wallie Riddim.  The mans is a genius.  Check in and enjoy.  This part of the blog has been brought to you by LionHeart Sound.  Check them on Facebook and click "Like" to stay connected.

Last but not least here is the final product.  The New Pennie Wallie riddim mixed by LionHeart Sound's Selectah Special B.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Year Old Prodigy Aelita Andre

5 Year Old Prodigy Aelita Andre: A Secret Universe/ A solo exhibition 2012.

Here is the power of art and children.  I have a 4 year old daughter and started her early with art and although she is not on this level I hope that it is something she continues with.  This video shows the importance of bringing back art to the regular school curriculum.  Watch this truly amazing child.  Bless her parents for making that space available to her and for allowing freedom of expression.  I love how she says that she is going to paint for 24 hrs. and watch the sunrise in her own way.  Enjoy!
Big up the Agora Gallery

Riddim Satta - World Clock Riddim

Yey yey...  A whua.  Here we go with a brand new riddim compliments of LionHeart Sound.  Here we got the New "World Clock Riddim" produced by Pure Music Productions.  Stay connected with LionHeart Sound on Facebook.  Enjoy!

Copperpot ft. Edo G & Masta Ace - Art Of Rap

This is what I'm listening to...  Edo G & Masta Ace - The Art of Rap.  Check in if you missed this one.  Fat Chello sample on the Orchestra type beat.  Love the combination of Edo & Ace.  Two solid veterans that always bring it.  #ArtofRap #HipHopLives.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Terry Linen - How You Like My Music

 Here we go with a big one.  Lighter ina di air.  "Phurnnnnnnn Phuuurrnnnn..."  Here we got artist Terry Linen dropping his new tune "How You Like My Music".  This is for sure a big tune brought to you by LionHeart - Big Tune Sound.  Check their page on Facebook and stay connected.  Now sing along with me....  Enjoy!

Stay High 149 - RIP

Peace and Blessings going out to the NY Graff legend - "Stay High 149".  You are gone, but will never be forgotten. Here are a few videos for you to enjoy.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SoulTrotter - The Way of the Warrior

Here is a cool slow mo video of my man SoulTrotter. Check the Techniques...  Thanks brother for sending this my way.  To check more from SoulTrotter check in at: soultrotter.com and tell him DazeRoc sent you there.  Enjoy.

Planet Asia rocking WST gear

Here's my flick of the week.  Planet Asia rocking that Wild Style Technicians gear.  Real recognize real.  www.wildstyletechnicians.com - Check in.

Diamond D all 45 DJ Set

Here is a dope clip of one of the most slept on Hip Hoppers of all times - Diamod D.  Check the resume if you don't know.  On this video he talks about his rare 45 collection and you can see him drop a set with his prized records.  Long live Hip Hop and all the ones that live it daily.  Big up to my GFC brother KUFU for putting me on to this one.  Hotep.

New Wild Style Technicians Tee by ZODAK ONE

With Summer in full time mode you knew we had to hit you with some new summer flavas.  Here is the first installment.  This is the New Wild Style Technicians Tee designed by WST's own ZODAK1.  Design comes in Mens Tees, Mens Tank Tops, Ladies Tee, and even a mouse pad.  Check the website for available colors and sizes.