Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Realer Than Life - The Collection

Ok, I been holding back on these for a minute. I was waiting for the right time to unveil these at a couple of art shows before I let people see them. DazeRoc's - "Realer Than Life" The Collection is a 12 piece collection. Constituting of 6 Canvases pieces that all bring an additional framed photo of the outline on the canvas painted on a wall by artist. The frame on the photo is custom painted with the colors and style of the canvas to make a perfect match. The purpose of this series was to feature an artist that painted a canvas, but that actually paints in the Graffiti community/culture. Having painted for over 25 years I seen much of the culture evolve. Now a days too much credit is being given to new jacks that can't rock dope letters or can't hit a clean line. This series is dedicated to all the kings that are still rocking true graffiti art after all these years. You got to love the 80's... Come to the Wild Style Technicians Art Showcase to get the first looks. Eureka, Sacramento, San Diego....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Scandalous, Money, Greed & Lust. - DJ Premier Salutes GURU

That's right ya. "Scandalous, Money, Greed & Lust. In this trife life, there ain't no body you can trust. Plus there's no justice, it's just us. In fact, watching your back it be a must. And each and every day around the way cats bust and jealous so called friends will try to set you up. IT'S CALLED BETRAYAL..." Yeah, you heard that wack ass solar? Word up! Check in with DJ Premier as he does a Guru Salute and sheds light on somethings he had not discussed. 2 hrs. of Gurus music and Gangstarr Family checking in. Enjoy!

Link: http://usershare.net/jebx6uj7gtbw

P.S. "Like straight up! As far as I'm concerned! Premiers beats sound and my rhyme style, what ever. That shit we own, you can't duplicate that shit. Never in a Million lifestyles...." GURU

Super B-Beat Show

Here is another cool edition of the "Super B-Beat Show". Always full of good music, 10 things we hate and the usual 1520 shenanigans. Enjoy and tune in every Sunday at superbbeatshow.blogspot.com

Here is the link: http://homepage.mac.com/djmane1/mystuff/SBBSapr252010.mp3

Friday, April 23, 2010

Viva Brasil....

Statik Selektah Guru Tribute

Nuff said! Enjoy.

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l5190a


Checking in with you guys, here is some dope footage of the epic COPE2 vs Revok battle in the Boogie Down... There can only be one winner so I'm going to go with my man COPE on this one. I like that he came with a more aggressive outline and challenged himself. He usually freestyles of his head, but this time he came with a fire outline. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Future - Amazing!

Here is a clip of a 4 year old popper named Baby Boogaloo. Can't believe how much he understands already at his young age. Props to his parents who are bringing him up in the Hip Hop community. Elders and Pioneers, give back and teach the youth. You can't take it with you, plus the future of Hip Hop depends on it. Enjoy!

Prodigy records from jail

Here is a lil headbanger from MD's Prodigy. He gets it in over the phone in jail to a a Sid Roams beat. Not sure what strings he had to pull but is funny what cats will do, to do Hip Hop... Check it...



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Grand Imperial DJ ManeOne

Here is a cool 30 min. mix from the Grand Imperial DJ Mane One. This one includes a Mane One Exclusive Beat & Rhyme!

Play list:

1. resurrection -common
2. animal in man -dead prez
3. clones -roots
4. exertions -bahamadia jedi mind tricks
5. auditorium -mos def
6. braggin' and boasting -sound providers little brother
7. everything that I love -mane one
8. we got it like that -casual
9. late model sedan -masta ace
10. mic check -aceyalone
11. return of the bboy -pharcyde
12. legal alien -freestyle fellowship

Hers is the link:


Monday, April 19, 2010


Here is a small clip of FC Artist KEO & DASH167. Compliments of 12oz. Prophets. Classic Graff always done right by these guys. I wish kids now a days would jock writers like these to learn true letter foundation instead of new new age social art artist like they jock. Big up the pioneers for starting this and especially to all the writers from the early to mid 80's who took what the pioneers tough us, perfected it and still are the true kings in this game. Most of the Kings from this era are still active in all their respective countries and most can't be messed with. Check out the interview at:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

WST Eureka Show - Poster

Eureka, we're coming...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Style Supremacy Telecommunications...

Brand new and fresh of the press. Just recorded late last night. Here is a dope mix to change up your frequency for the day. Compliments of NorthStar Zulu - DJ Riff Raff. Check out his RIP tribute to Malcom McLaren. Enjoy!

RIP Malcom McLaren.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

B-Girl Peppa

Here is a clip of one of my favorite B-Girls. Keep following your dreams Queen. Peace and Blessings.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Sorry X-Box/Playstation.

I grew up with this. Still remember opening it up on Christmas and playing Space Invaders. I got so good at that game that I made the score start from zer0 3 times over in one game. Also the jive thing was that when Pacman came out for this system, the character was square. LOL!

When I was 16, I thought this was the shit...

No excuses made...

Here we have a feel good story. Here is a kid that did not let his misfortunes and upbringing slow him down. He never used his pass as a crutch. His dad passed, mom is in jail, was homeless, ect... Yet he made right decisions to better himself. The West Point bound student has a 4.2 GPA, takes advance placement courses, is the captain of the football team, is on the baseball team and is the student body president. Big this youth up for getting the picture and not playing the victim role. Also big props to the adults in this story. Big up for believing in the youth and giving back. Your time, effort, mentoring, and money will go a long way and last for generations. Amen...

Here is the link the video code does not seem to be working:


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here is a lil look at a test print. This is were we make sure that the printers have all the colors, placement, and things right like we want them. If you don't show up and let them handle it, they will F@%* it up. Sometimes we are known to be at the printers all day, till they dial up the job just right. Quality control is one of the reasons that our tees look as good as they do. I'm a stickler when I go.

Brand new from the Funk Style Seargent - ZONE1 is the "Z-DIGGY. Below you can see the order sheet we give the printers including all the colors and the order that the colors should go in. This design has 11 colors and we had to make some magic to be able to use more colors. Props to IZZE the technician...

Order today. This tee will sell out. www.wildstyletechnicians.com

Monday, April 5, 2010

DJ Lime Green - Mix Tape

Here is one for you cats wishing more DJ's would do dope mix tapes. Almost like the art of a real good mix tape is gone. Well, not to worry. DJ Lime Green is here to the rescue with a dope mix tape done right. Classic cuts, good mixes, bringing back lines and restarting the songs will def. keep your head knocking. He also does a good job at keeping the mix moving and not staying on something too long. Be on the look out for the DJ Lime Green-Wild Style Technicians Colabo comnig up.....

Here is the Link: http://limelinx.com/files/18498dec64d7863a3d10fa9e6a96b2d9

Sunday, April 4, 2010

SEN2, Cope2, & Mr. Cartoon

Watch Cope, Sen2, & Mr. Cartoon kill some store front in New York. Classic bombing material.