Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Realer Than Life - The Collection

Ok, I been holding back on these for a minute. I was waiting for the right time to unveil these at a couple of art shows before I let people see them. DazeRoc's - "Realer Than Life" The Collection is a 12 piece collection. Constituting of 6 Canvases pieces that all bring an additional framed photo of the outline on the canvas painted on a wall by artist. The frame on the photo is custom painted with the colors and style of the canvas to make a perfect match. The purpose of this series was to feature an artist that painted a canvas, but that actually paints in the Graffiti community/culture. Having painted for over 25 years I seen much of the culture evolve. Now a days too much credit is being given to new jacks that can't rock dope letters or can't hit a clean line. This series is dedicated to all the kings that are still rocking true graffiti art after all these years. You got to love the 80's... Come to the Wild Style Technicians Art Showcase to get the first looks. Eureka, Sacramento, San Diego....

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