Monday, April 26, 2010

Scandalous, Money, Greed & Lust. - DJ Premier Salutes GURU

That's right ya. "Scandalous, Money, Greed & Lust. In this trife life, there ain't no body you can trust. Plus there's no justice, it's just us. In fact, watching your back it be a must. And each and every day around the way cats bust and jealous so called friends will try to set you up. IT'S CALLED BETRAYAL..." Yeah, you heard that wack ass solar? Word up! Check in with DJ Premier as he does a Guru Salute and sheds light on somethings he had not discussed. 2 hrs. of Gurus music and Gangstarr Family checking in. Enjoy!


P.S. "Like straight up! As far as I'm concerned! Premiers beats sound and my rhyme style, what ever. That shit we own, you can't duplicate that shit. Never in a Million lifestyles...." GURU

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