Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick 5 with Sen One

Here's is a cool interview with one of my Zulu Brothers Sen One. My man came down to show love & support to the SD Zulus 3 Year Anniversary, met the NS family and now the brother is moving to the West Coast. It's One Love here for sure. Plus my daughter has one more uncle now. It will be good to be able to build with my brother more often family style. To see what makes my man tick check in at these sites:

website: www.peds89.com

Here is the show’s link Visual Caffeine
Animations: www.youtube.com/pedsandi

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Subterraneous, Intergalactic Funk.

Here is a sneak peek into a project I have going in the backyard. I'm experimenting with a new fill-in that I'm going to call Subterraneous, Intergalactic Funk. Since it is something that I'm making up as I go, I'm taking my time through the process. There is a lot of thinking going on in between sprays. Tons of layering on this one. Stay tune for the finished project.

The Calamities Win WOD 2 on 2's.

Got to send out a shout to The Calamities brothers Eranerik & Lancer for winning this pass weekends World of Dance - 2 on 2 Pro B-Boy Battles. You can see these guys at most jams down here, as they seem to really support their scene. They are also no joke. Do not drop the Chow Mein around Eranerik. He'll scoop it up with or without chopsticks and serve you right back. Prop guys for keeping the crown in San Diego.

IZZE - WST & Pesci...

Last Saturday our man Pesci made a 2-3 hr drive from Palm Springs to come to the Writers Block and get down with the WST family. Most of the WST memebers were busy that weekend so IZ made the commitment to meet the brother and get it in. They were at the place bright and early and the outlines were going down by 8am. After a full day of slaving at the yard here is the final product. Enjoy!

Mic Abuse 2

Here is a lil sneak peek of the upcoming project "Mic Abuse 2". This is a mix CD and T-Shirt packaged by WILD STYLE TECHNICIANS. The project features many local southern California groups and was mixed by DJ Lime Green. This is part 2 on the Mic Abuse projects by WST. The first one came out around 1997. That one was mixed by Designated Hittaz DJ Phil and the great DJ Steven Flexx. The final project should be out in the streets in about 2 weeks. Don't sleep on this, limited numbers for sure...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going out to the 80's heads.

Here is another dope& free single from San Diego's own BLAME ONE. This is from his up and coming new LP - "Endurance". This one goes out to all the 1980's heads. If you were around those days you will really identify with the single. This is on some keep it fun Hip Hop ish. Not too many people do these type of songs anymore. They seem more interested in showing of that fake hardcore image. Thanks Blame for keeping it fun. Now "Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr Stick'm....."

Click on link to play or download: http:http:


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New York Style Kings....

Here is the fun battle between one of the doppest Graff writers to ever touch a can - SERVE vs the leader in today's progressive Wild Style - CES. This is for anyone that thinks that New York has lost it. There is over 50 years of Graff history between these two. No matter how old we get, some of us keep the fun in graffiti. It's like going back in time, when people filled up their piece books with top 2 bot'm colored pages. Serve still has that eras essence. Even the police nigga like Skeme would say, knocked it out of the park. Check the techniques used by both artist too. Always expanding, always changing, always on top of their game. If it looks all the same to you, your missing it.... Big up to the Forefathers and NYC writers for sharing this Art Form with the world. One love to the guys at Tuff City too...

P.S. Enjoy the classic New York commentary by the one and only BOOTS 119

Gorilla getting it in...

Long live Hip Hop. Here is a clip of a Gorilla practicing his moves. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

SD Zulus Ahkis Chibi & Ryno

Here is 2 time SD Zulu Ahki of the Year award winner Zulu Chibi getting it in the judges showcase. This is at the Top 3 event in Tijuana, Mexico. Get it Ahk!

Here is the final battle. Ahki Ryno, Peter, & Finny Fin (Uncomfortably Fresh Crew) took the Win. Good job guys!

B-Boy Soccer

Who said B-Boys can't play soccer? Check, check...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aint no Half Stepp'n

I finally got around to uploading these flicks from the Writers Block event "STYLE A THON". With this being an invite only event, I knew I had to come with it, hence - "Ain't no Half Stepp'n". Big up to Serge, Bean, Kut, & the entire Writers Block for throwing the event. Also for the opportunity & invitation to our crew to get down and represent. Thanks again guys. I stayed up the night before till 4am getting the outline dialed in my head. With and early wake up time Coffee was the order first thing in the morning. Packed up my paint, tips, grabbed a hat for the sun and of I went. It's always dope when we get a few members of WST together to get it in. Zone has been missing in action and it was great to get back on track ad get of some burners for old times sake. I think we all feed of one another and the jokes don't stop. It was also a real cool congregation of San Diego 80's and 90's OG including: WST Crew (Zone, Izze, DazeRoc, & Sake), Dyse (creator of DyseOne Clothing Brand), Hasl (creator of Serye Clothing Brand), Brisk, Clip, Vapor, & Kuya, just to name a few. Wish someone would have taken a group photo. Anyways here are the long awaited flicks. Enjoy.

Click on the photos to view larger.

After spending half the day getting up the outline, I finally get to start on the first layer of Montana Colors.





SD Zulus in the house.





Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I'm missing a few more pieces. For a cool write up on Writers Block and the event check out this link:

There is also more photos there. Here is a few more photos I found compliments of Michael Herana.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For the Nyah Bingy dem.

Here is one for you Rastas out there. This one, compliments of one of my favorite Reggae bands Morgan Heritage. On this video you see Gramps & Sistah Una work with reggae super star Bush Man. I love how this video was put together. You can see Bush Man writing his lyrics as they put the track together and work on the hook. The song is called "Mek We Try", gives thanks and inspires & encourage people to try a life of upliftment. Remember that Rasta is not about dreadlocks or red, yellow, & green, but Divine Conception of the Heart. Yes I. For more info on Morgan Heritage check out their official page: www.morganheritagemusic.com

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hip Hop Guaguanco....

Peace and Blessing everyone. I got this dope video clip from my man Life. Here is a lil Hip Hop Guaguanco live and direct from Cuba. B-Boys enjoy. Guaguanco (a sub-genre o Cuban rumba , a complex rhythmic music and dance style). Rawkniks, this is for you. Que Viva Cuba!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Diego Museum of Art

Through out the years I had the opportunity to work with some great people and groups. One the those groups would be the Writers Block. The great people from the Writers Block gave Iz and myself a call and got us lined up to do some live painting at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park. It was Thursday early eavning, so me and Iz closed the shop and headed to the Writers Block to load up on some Montana flavors. After stocking up on the colors we headed out with Serg Cat from the Block. The opportunity to paint in front of the SD Museum of Art in that setting was tremendous. One to cherish and take in. We were met by Alexander and some fo the best staff I have ever been around. The staff from the museum took care of us and were more than accommodating. A big shout out to the entire staff.

Testing out my paint......

Here is the first outline for the "D-Bird" going up. I love flicks of outlines. Like seeing the over running lines and flow of the bar and serifs.

Here is the first colors going on. Got to get a good fade first before going forward. The Montana colors really shine here.

Here we got the first colors going on the beak. I have some happy trees in the background with a path coming towards you.

Here is one of the first original "D-Birds" canvases I did. I brought the first 3 for display.

Doing what I love....

Well into the details. Big up Montana Colors.
Here is the final product. "D-Bird" sighting in Balboa Park.


Here is one of my favorite videos that's dropped within the last years. Produced by Marco Polo - vocals by Masta Ace (one of my favorite mc's.) I love how they bring in the song from an old style radio in the store & how the camera shot comes out of the fridge after Ace grabs the drink. Also, Marco stamping the receipts at the beginning is classic. If you were sleeping when this album (Port Authority) dropped, RUN and pick it up! Enjoy.

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