Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Diego Museum of Art

Through out the years I had the opportunity to work with some great people and groups. One the those groups would be the Writers Block. The great people from the Writers Block gave Iz and myself a call and got us lined up to do some live painting at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park. It was Thursday early eavning, so me and Iz closed the shop and headed to the Writers Block to load up on some Montana flavors. After stocking up on the colors we headed out with Serg Cat from the Block. The opportunity to paint in front of the SD Museum of Art in that setting was tremendous. One to cherish and take in. We were met by Alexander and some fo the best staff I have ever been around. The staff from the museum took care of us and were more than accommodating. A big shout out to the entire staff.

Testing out my paint......

Here is the first outline for the "D-Bird" going up. I love flicks of outlines. Like seeing the over running lines and flow of the bar and serifs.

Here is the first colors going on. Got to get a good fade first before going forward. The Montana colors really shine here.

Here we got the first colors going on the beak. I have some happy trees in the background with a path coming towards you.

Here is one of the first original "D-Birds" canvases I did. I brought the first 3 for display.

Doing what I love....

Well into the details. Big up Montana Colors.
Here is the final product. "D-Bird" sighting in Balboa Park.

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