Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick 5 with Sen One

Here's is a cool interview with one of my Zulu Brothers Sen One. My man came down to show love & support to the SD Zulus 3 Year Anniversary, met the NS family and now the brother is moving to the West Coast. It's One Love here for sure. Plus my daughter has one more uncle now. It will be good to be able to build with my brother more often family style. To see what makes my man tick check in at these sites:

website: www.peds89.com

Here is the show’s link Visual Caffeine
Animations: www.youtube.com/pedsandi

Copy and Paste link for interview:


1 comment:

SEN One said...

This TOY is not SEN ONE. This cat is a fake. I'm SEN ONE. SEN-ONE.com
Yo get it right Homeboy.