Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Radio believe me I like it loud!

Christmas came early compliments of my man Pesa.  He had told me about this Don Q Boom Box he had that he knew I would be interested in.  Don Q is maybe the most used rum in Puerto Rico, not Bacardi.  Since I am a Puerto Rican Rum Aficionado, you know I had to get my hands on that radio.  After a few minutes bartering, the Boombox with the words "Super Jumbo" was mine.  Soon after I got it, I had to find some of my old tapes.  Put one in and the frequencies evolving from the box made me get my Blackbook and get a session in. 

Trash is Cash

Guess you can say that the youth is my calling.  My mother was a teacher and I got 8 years of working for a school district myself.  For some reason they always seem to move me.  Here is a pack of kids that have stood up against almost impossible odds.  Through music/Hip Hop they have created a new life for themselves and their families and now they want to teach their message to the masses.  Each on Teach One.  Thanks B-Boy Life for this one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baske sighting in San Diego - Part 4

Weekend came and as promised forgot the NFL games on TV and headed to the Block to get it in with Baske before he has to go back home.  This would be my 3rd weekend in a row painting to bring in the year.  Can’t complaint.  For this one, I was not trying to go too crazy or too big.  I scaled down and kept the fill simple.  Baske rocked the buildings and background and Ize did his bizz.  Got to do more backgrounds this year…  " I got Hip Hop, diwi, diwi, diwi, Running through these veins.."  Enjoy!

Custom WST Game Box

Here are a few flicks from a project WST did for one of our friends, DJ Frank Fresh.  He came and met with us about this project and after more than a few sessions by Izze this is the finished product.  The wood used has a dope redish color and the wood grain seems to look 3 dimensional.  The entire box was custom fabricated by Case Fabricator - Souji Sticks.  If interested in a custom box for yourself check in at:  Also check in with Frank Fresh if your a gamer at:

Keep it Moving

Here is a lil quicky of WST member Kool Sphere doodling with the sharpie.  This guy is a throwback.  The song in the background is also him.  Pick up his solo album "Integrity" with cameos from: AZ, Kool G Rap, Smoothe da Hustle, Lil Dap,  Bronze Nazareth and more.  Check for him under Kool Sphere and Verbal Threat.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baske sighting in San Diego - Part 3

Baske Art Installation at the Block. – “Anger is no Food”

My man Baske came from Germany and is on a mission leaving and doing art everywhere he goes.  He has not stopped since he got here a few weeks ago.  Walls, canvases, paper, aerosol, acrylics, ink, you name it…  With Ize and I hard at work during the week, we could not meet him to go paint at the Block during the week.  We promised to meet again over the weekend, but Baske could not stay away or wait that long.  He headed to the writers block for a 3rd time in a week and proceeded on buffing and entire area of the park including ramps, boards and floor.  Some cats asked me: “What the fuck is that dude doing” when I got to the Block to snap a few flicks.  What proceeded after, is the mind of Baske getting down. The photos do not capture the essence or the feeling that my man was trying to convey.  These are flicks from when he was going at it and I never did get photos of the finished product.  Hope you guys like the flicks,  Enjoy!

In Brief...

Here we go with a quick "In Brief" segment.  First we got to send out a big shout to Seattle Zulus celebrating their 7 year anniversary.  This years event is complete with a youth art & resource fair, Zulu Jam with cyphers, live art, writers bench, and Percee P performing.  There will also be a Skratch lounge youth workshop/scratch session.  Going down in Seattle, WA. Feb 18-20, 2011.
While at the Seattle Zulus anniversary make sure to check n with the world famous B-Boy Jam - "Octagon World Rumble".  Winner will be flown to Switzerland for the finals.  This event will be going on in conjuction with the Seattle Z's anniversary.  Judges are UZN - Alieness, Trac 2, & Fever 1.
 We're going to keep it B-Boy on this briefing.  Next on deck is the world famous Pro Am - Miami.  Going down May 20-22, 2011.  For more info find them on facebook.
 Last but not least we got San Diego's Uncomfortably Fresh Crew with "Breakin to Benefit".  This is a benefit jam for the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA.  This benefits special after school programs for the youth.  2 on 2 Battles start at 4pm, doors open at 2pm.  Beats provided by the one and only, DFJ Mane One.   This event is going down in Encinitas, California - February 12, 2011.  Big salute to Ahki Y-Roc and Uncomfortably Fresh Crew for helping organize this event.

Baske sighting in San Diego - Part 2

    Here is more of Baske doing a lil one man producto to pass the time.  This man is on a quick tear while in the states.  Clean lines, dope colors and a few characters to put it all together.  Enjoy and tell a friend…

My Adidas!

Adidas x Slick collabo...

MLK Salute...

Tops, Drops, & Floorrocks..

Lil something to groove to.  My man Soultrotter Tops, Drops, & Floor Rocks.  He even checks in with pops.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Krylon Explosion

Here is a flick of one of my old Krylon cans that decided to slowly leak.   Crazy how this happens.  The paint is hard as steel.   Not the first can that I've had this happen to.  Does look cool though.