Friday, January 21, 2011

Baske sighting in San Diego - Part 3

Baske Art Installation at the Block. – “Anger is no Food”

My man Baske came from Germany and is on a mission leaving and doing art everywhere he goes.  He has not stopped since he got here a few weeks ago.  Walls, canvases, paper, aerosol, acrylics, ink, you name it…  With Ize and I hard at work during the week, we could not meet him to go paint at the Block during the week.  We promised to meet again over the weekend, but Baske could not stay away or wait that long.  He headed to the writers block for a 3rd time in a week and proceeded on buffing and entire area of the park including ramps, boards and floor.  Some cats asked me: “What the fuck is that dude doing” when I got to the Block to snap a few flicks.  What proceeded after, is the mind of Baske getting down. The photos do not capture the essence or the feeling that my man was trying to convey.  These are flicks from when he was going at it and I never did get photos of the finished product.  Hope you guys like the flicks,  Enjoy!

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