Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hip Hop Moral Sessions.

Operation: Hip Hop Moral Sessions/New Years Jump Off.
Location: Vietnam, CA.
Date: New Years Eve/Day.
Battalion/Branch: NS

     After a crazy 2010 where people lost their minds things began to move into position to end the year right.  2010 witnessed people forget their true brothers, sisters and allies.  People forgot the way they were treated by complete strangers while here in the West Coast.  Treatment they don’t even get from their own family.  I saw people follow the lead of one or two snakes for the purpose of wanting to belong, - even though they new it was wrong. Never mind the word of the collective, or the responsibility and obligation to our community.   I saw people so confused in their adulthood with whom they were that they played both sides of the fence just to stay afloat.  Sad, but some even took their entire squads with them with no sense of remorse for leading people a stray.  I even had people look at my face and tell me that so and so told me to tell you this, but the the so and so was really Joe schmo if you get what I'm saying.  Brother could not even look at himself, yet face me when telling me.  Well, I been doing this long enough to know my real Family, allies, and who the snakes are.  No more entertaining these devils…  To clear the brain and bring in the year, a small covert operation was put into work. 

      I got the call around zero-200 am of a covert operation with a small tactical team going into Vietnam, CA. The voice on the other side of the line asked if I was up for the challenge. To witch I replied: “Sir.  Yes, Sir!” The operation was slated for New Years Eve/Day, so I began packing immediately. With that operation “Hip Hop Moral Sessions” was put into full effect.  After a long 9hr. solo flight followed by an additional 4hrs on a bumpy helicopter, I parachuted in the cover of night.  

     What started with a small covert operation, turned into a full battalion once other branches got word.  The Family Camaraderie, non-stop laughing, and true positive vibrations, was all we needed to start off the year on the right note.  The morale went through the roof when the entire War Party Team showed up – every single member!  Once everyone came together, they were given their instructions and everyone settled down to get their tactical equipment ready.  With just a few hours of sleep we descended early in the terrain and began operation: “HIP HOP MORAL SESSIONS”.   Wa Set NS took the lead and things got cracking fast with brother Kufu on the set.
Planet, Sha, & Ground followed in with RPG re-enforcements so that San Diego and brother Refa could begin with the meat and potatoes of the mission.  Brigadier Fooders & Drasar Monumental lent tactical support as things were being laid out.  Once everyone took their positions - Kufu, Refa, and myself went in heavy with the altellery.  Planet Rock, Sha One, & Ground Level followed in with another round of RPG's, picking off any leftover snakes. 
The Session was hard and heavy all day long.  With the day more than gone brother Man E came down from his sniper duties to join in the festivities.  As night fell upon us we gather our equipment and headed for the helicopter pick up spot.  The following are a few snapped photos of the mayhem left behind.  Enjoy & Happy New Years!

The mission went so good that Brother Kufu broke off with a few of the special forces and laid a few traps for anyone walking in the jungle... 
Can't say enough on the serious tip on How high the Hip Hop Morale was with all the people in the house.  The New Years def started on a positive note.   Peace and Blessings to all NS members world wide.

P.S.  If some of you are wondering how we are always on the right frequency, this is how we decompose, pray, meditate and bless with each other.  Thhis is one of the spots in Cali were we come to get it right...
Pointing at the NorthStar. (Sacramento, Santa Rosa-War Party, Oakland-Wa Set, Eureka, San Diego.)


Here is flicks of the 15 hour drive home.  Grapevine completely closed both ways.  Had to take a crazy detour just to get home and this route almost got closed also due to the snow and non stop accidents. 
Oh yeah I made it through that on 3 1/2 tires since I also had a tire blowup on me.  It took me an hr. to change the tire.  First the spare trap door would not open.  Yes, the trap door.  Then once I jacked up the car and took the lug nuts out the tire/rim was stuck to the car.  Even kicking it would not budge it loose. All this in the dark.   It was a crazy night and I'm just glad i made it back in one piece.  But if I had to do it all over again, I would jump at the opportunity.  One...

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