Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baske sighting in San Diego - Part 1

A real good friend “BASKE” from Karlsruhe, Germany came in to San Diego to visit and check out Cali.  Not having hung out for sometime, he said he couldn’t leave San Diego without getting it in with the crew.  
After the rain finally went away and I got back from a lil mission, we finally made time to touch down at the Writers Block.  The Block is always nice to let us use the place to do what we do.  Big salute to the staff there.  I told Baske I would be there at 8 in the morning to witch he replied: “8 in the morning!??”.  And I said : “8 in the morning…” right back.    Baske, IZE, and myself took one entire production wall and figured on making our pieces too big to have any space in between for doo dads.  Oh well, cats here paint big, what can I say…  We followed Baskes lead since he’s the guest and also to try something new.   We went with black and purples in the fill with oranges for the outline and 3-D.  Kind of reminded me of this Halloween production I did with Zone, Aero, & Huge a long time ago.  We spent most of the day on the production.  The next day IZE and I came back to put on some finishing touches and get good flicks.  Back to back graff weekends.  This year is starting good already!  Enjoy!

Remember that all photos are enlarged by clicking on them.

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