Friday, January 29, 2010

Wild Style HyroGraffics uncovered...

Here is a gem for you Hip Hop junkies and historians. It shows the finding of the famous Wild Style tagging wall, which is now Gallery 151. This is a short documentary showing, how just by luck the wall was found. The wall was untouched and looked just like it did in the 80's. Shouts to KOOR! Absolutely Dope!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Stimulus Package

Here you go with a dope video, better yet, one of the dopest CD packaging scheme I've ever seen. Brought to you by Freeway and one of my favorite producers Jake One. (206 Represent!) Check the video and see how the duo is giving back...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Seed - Never Lost Control

Here we go again with another free download from Kahlee & Uptown Swuite. "Never Lost Control" is one of the gems in the new project "The Seed Mix Tape" coming out soon. This one features our good friend Blame One and production from Sweden's Demyo. Yes, I said Sweden. Yo Life, this one goes out to you. Like I told you in a previous blog post, don't take Kahlee for granted. This guy will ride till the wheels fall off. Check the link below for the dowload. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ironlak Graff Video

Here's another dope Graff. video. Compliments of Love Letters and Australian paint company Ironlak. Check out Does, Nash, Tumki, Chas, Rusl, Dater, Ozer, Biser, Sean2, & Dare, crush a major production building. Further proof that the production title is not in the US right now. I think, something about, they still do it for the love out there....

Monday, January 25, 2010

LMNO - "Push That Work"

Just released! This is a promo video of what LMNO has coming up for you in 2010. The forecast looks promising . First up to bat is LMNO - "Push That Work". This is to be released Feb. 16th, 2010 by Up Above Records. Don't sleep on these 2. Get your hard drives ready, cause tons of work is ready to - "Drop..."-(Beastie Boy style) LMNO and LD are also hard working, authentic, and dedicated when it comes to our Hip Hop culture. You got to love all the people that do it for the Love. Enjoy! This is DazeRoc and I'm not a PC...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Man Jazz...

Here is a live set by non other than DJ One Man Jazz. This cat always takes us on a dope trip when he comes to the Peace Ahki Show. If your in a chill mood or just want to bug out at a DJ doing a flawless 1 hr. live set check the download link below. You wont be disappointed once the aircraft reaches maximum altitude. Enjoy and thanks for checking in...

DONDI White Collectible Can...

Here we go with another Hip Hop collectible. Here is a Style General Master - "DONDI WHITE" Montana Hardcore Collectible Can. This can pays homage to one of the most respected graffiti artist of all times. Check the link to bid on the item on sale on E-bay.

Copy and paste:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reggae Vibes...

Bumbo Clot! You know you got to feel good inside when you hear Reggae music. Here's is a feel good video from the Fyah Muma herself Queen Ifrica which reminds us that just because you got a bag full of dreads don't mean your Rasta, you hear...

Ok, here is one for di Sound business dem. This is Mighty Crown from Japan at the 2005 UK Championships. Big up to the Far East Rulaz for running a sound system right. Hand in a di air for all the reggae fans de.

A Fyah we go de. Here is one for di bad boy de. A champion sound "Stone Love" long side the baddest dj the Wild Apache-Super Cat, & Nicodemus. Dis is why Real Champion Sounds will never die. Big up Rory, Weepo, and the family de.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Metropolis Inside Outside - The Movie"

Just got done watching the documentary "Metropolis Inside Outside - The Movie". Only 50 some minutes long the film covers Illegal Street artist from New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and São Paulo. Check out the segments on the 2 cats that live under the city. They live of things they find around the city. The documentary follows: Zevs, Swoon, KR, Ron English, Earsnot, Os Gemeos, Pigmeus, Adams & Itso. Check out the entire documentary at the link below, or for more information visit: Enjoy!

Copy and paste,channelID:180506,order:FEATURED,hint_editorial:%2fshuffle/0,4022110

Monday, January 18, 2010

In Brief...

The DMC has just released it's 2009 US final DVD. This is the supreme DJ battle in the states to send the US rep. to battle at the World DMC finals in London. The battle DJ's include:
1st - DJ Shiftee (New York City)
2nd - Mista B (San Francisco CA)
3rd - Shmeeze (Fountain Valley CA)
As-One (Rockville MD)
DJ Ohm (Albuquerque NM)
Steel (Lakewood NJ)
DJ Tyhandswell (Cockeysville MD)
DJ Q-Base (San Antonio TX)
Fascinate (Tilton NH)
DJ Lodus (Norwalk CA)
DJ Concept (Cape Coral FL)

The battle was hosted by the Kool DJ, Red Alert and the house DJ was Lord Finesse. There is plenty of bonus footage on this DVD which is always a plus.

Also the DMC World DJ Championship 2009 Finals is also out. This DVD is jam packed with tons of footage. Footage includes show cases by Qbert, Rob Swift, & DJ Fly. There is also footage of the Super Jam, World Elimination, & World Finals: DJ Shiftee (NYC), DJ Co-Ma (Japan), LigOne (France), Impact (New Zealand), DJ Jeppa (UK), ND (Benelux), Mandrayq (Italy), & DJ Final (Norway). If your a DJ or appreciate the DJ culture this is a must DVD for you. For more information visit:

San Diego, California

Going down this Saturday is the 5th Annual Battle Groundz Event. SD Zulus will be hosting a B-Boy Jam for the event as well as a can food & clothe drive with all donations going to the Haiti Relief efforts. Please help us help others. Bring all donations to the Zulu Information booth. For more information and drop off locations visit:

You know I got to plug in the Get Biz Kids. This is my Z fam. right here so you better reach out and check in. First up to bat is my mello, my man Mad Planets(NS Zulu) - "Funk What Ya Heard". Giving you Hip Hop, Shoes, Music, & Politricks. Always working the angles and cracking jokes, don't sleep on this active blog with daily additions. For more info check in at:

The second half of the Get Biz Kidz is my man Drasar Monumental and he brings you "Hip Hop Battlefield". He bring you that angry Hip Hop with Interviews, Reviews, Politics, & Warfare. Check this into your favorites and get it in at:

Portland, Oregon.

Celebrate Black History Month Friday Feb. 15th. with the 45th Parallel Zulus. 6 - 9 pm / 109 SE Salmon ST. @ The Salmon St. Studios. This is a Free Family event. B-Boys, Live Art, Live Music, DJ's, & Food. For more information check: www.uzn_oregon

KRS's The Gospel of Hip Hop

Live and direct from the Blast Master we have "The Gospel of Hip Hop - First Instrument". This 800 page masterpiece, comes hard cover, gold embossed and set in the format of the Christian Bible. Since first telling us that he is Hip Hop, We are Hip Hop - He continues with his philosophical teachings. On a complete different frequency, this first installment book is written as a self help instrument on Faith, Knowledge, & Overstanding. Enlighten yourself and your soul and pick up a copy. You'll be supporting a real Hip Hoper that has paid and continues to pay dues, gives back and continues his Each One, Teach One attitude were ever he goes. To support KRSONE visit:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Very Limited Edition SEEN MTN Collector Can

Here we go, fresh from the vault. A brand new Extremely limited "SEEN" - Montana Collector Can. Check this, from all the different limited edition cans that Montana has made, this is the only one that they made a custom color for! The can comes filled with SEEN's favorite old school color Rusto's - CASCADE GREEN. Only 500 of these made and distributed around the world makes this can not only hard find, but a special gem for you Hip Hop junkies. I will be listing this on E-bay sometime today, so check in...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jive Photo

Came across this flick a few days ago and had to post it. Never mind - "Can't Live without my Radio...." Yee!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enamelized Graffiti Freight Toys

I got another one for you Hip Hop Junkies. These have been out for a few years, but I got a feeling that most of you have not seen these. Maisto - "ENAMELIZED Graffiti Diecast Train Collection" Approximate 1:131 in scale, they are 5 Boxcars and 1 Hopper. (That's for you freightaholics.) The set includes 6 trains painted on both sides by: Smith, Cycle, Jase, Cense, Arek, & Con. Each train comes with a piece of track for display and a thick baseball card with photo of artwork on the actual train and info on that particular artist. For more information on these check out:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Run, DMC, & Jam Master J Figurines

Heres's one for the Hip Hop Collector/Junkie. Brand new, brought to you by Superstars-Toys, we have the Hip Hop Icons RUN, DMC, & Jam Master J. If your like me, your going to have to get these for the collection. Figurines measure around 3.5" and are limited, so get it in... Thanks Sha for the link.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr. Brady - Left Overs Vol. 2

Talking about hard workers, Yee! Nobody has worked harder in his MC and Producer traits here in SD than Deep Rooted own Mr. Brady. I go way back with Brady, and even remember him kicking it in the sidewalk outside the local Hip Hop shop selling his new 12". The store didn't sell wax at the time so Brady hung outside the shop all day selling his wax to anyone that walked by. That's a real Z rider right there. He has worked with too many names to drop and has countless solo albums, Deep Rooted albums, and production scores. He is also a giving man to this Hip Hop culture we all hold so dear to us. Further proof you can do it for the love and not for the status quo. Just for you and to start 2010 right he releases "Left Overs Vol. 2" Here is a list of what you get:

1. Left overs 2 Intro prod by Mr Brady
2. These Days feat. Sene prod by Mr Brady
3. Saturday Night Special feat. Blame one prod by Mr Brady
4. Clap feat. Mr Mr (Moka Only & Mr brady) prod by Mr Brady
5. Conciousness feat. Sha Dula & Asia prod by Mr Brady
6. Focused feat. Hardware prod by Mr Brady
7. Labor Of Love feat. Abstract Rude prod by Mr Brady
8. No Longer feat. Mr Mr (Moka Only & Mr Brady) prod by Moka Only
9. Gimmie Room feat. Sene prod by Mr Brady
10.Magic feat. Asia & Sha Dula prod by Mr Brady
11.Like That feat. Mr Mr (Moka Only & Mr Brady prod by Moka Only
12.Newness feat. Arsun Fist prod by Mr Brady
13.Slumps feat. Mr Mr (Mr Brady & Moka Only) prod by Mr Brady
14.All Mixed Up feat. Just Brea prod by Mr Brady

Now copy and paste the link below and download the Free goodies. Thank you Mr. Brady.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Brief...

If you knew everyone in the game it would not be called Underground. Sometimes you need someone to put you on a new Underground artist and hopefully that's what we do here. Above, you got a new video of Krazy Race, Feat. Kahlee. Not only is Kahlee a humble and grateful MC, he is also one of the hardest working Hip Hopers I have come across with. The guy grinds 24hrs. a day, 7 days a week and works and rubs shoulders with everyone. Don't sleep on this guy. He has projects going continually. For more info, previews, & booking check him out at:

Check in with Wild Style Technicians this month and receive a free "Rivalz" tee on all orders over $50. Dope Old-School B-Boy flava design by G-Roc. Visit the web store today - Sales ends 1/25/2010. For more info and to see the entire line visit them at:

The 5th Annual Battle Groundz Hip Hop event will be going down Saturday, January 23rd, 2010. Taking place at the MAAC Community Charter School. 1385 3rd Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91911. The event gets bigger and better every year and draws graffiti writers from San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona, and New York.
This year the Universal Zulu Nation - San Diego Chapter will be hosting a B-Boy Battle. Something that event planners have wanted from the start. Besides Graffiti Art, B-Boys, & DJ's getting down, there will be an open mic segment for the MC's to do their thing. Come check Me, Izze, and Sake hold it down for the crew. For more information and to reserve your wall space check in at:

Speaking of San Diego Zulus. They are currently hosting their 4th Annual Clothe Drive. If coming to the Battle Groundz Event, bring donations to the SD Zulu info booth. Stop by and say hi. These guys lead by example and are always giving back to their community. For more info on the clothe drive, SD Zulus and what they are doing in their community, check them out at:

"King of the Gazebo" - B-Boy Event is taking place Friday January 29th, 2010. Hosted by Ahki Ryno (SD Zulus-UF) and The Grand Imperial DJ ManeOne (SD Zulus). Event is free however there is a $2 fee to enter the battle. This is also another drop off location for the SD Zulus Clothe Drive, so if your planning on attending grab something from your closet to donate. Event going down at RB Gazebo. 18448 West Bernardo Drive San Diego, CA 92127. 3:30pm to 8pm.

This years 206 Seattle Zulus 6th Year Anniversary is taking place Feb. 12-14. This years festivities include performances, B-Boy and Popping battles, Graffiti Expo, youth summit, workshops, after parties, media specials, and a National Zulu Universal. 206 Zulus have secured a discount at Quality Inn & Suites and will have a shuttle picking people from the airport. For more information on the jammed packed weekend hit my man King Khazm at or check out the site at:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cooking with DazeRoc

Woo, Zee! Here we go with my first edition of "Cooking with DazeRoc". Since the NFL Playoffs are about to kick off I think it's fitting that I start with some classic tailgate fair. Yadada Bratwurst! Not just any bratwurst, but Farmer John - California Natural - Chicken Brats. Although I admit that I have never eaten or cooked bratwurst, I could not pass up the opportunity to grill something new. Let's start with the ingredients you will need.


1 - New Castle beer (12oz.)

2 - tablespoons of good olive oil

3 - tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 - pinch of black pepper

1 - teaspoon of salt

1 - fresh bay leaf

1/2 - teaspoon celery seed

1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds

2 - cups thinly sliced white onion

2 - tablespoons olive oil

1/2 - teaspoon crushed red pepper

1 - tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

1 - pack of your favorite bratwurst

2 - lbs of pan criollo (Puerto Rican bread) or 6 premium roll buns

4 - slices of Swiss cheese


Get some Kingsford coals going in a coal chimney until coals are white. Pour coals immediately in your grill and spread even.

Put a 9x9 square foil pan in the middle of your grill. Pour beer, vinegar, salt, pepper, celery seed, mustard seeds, & onions. Cook with out top on grill for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the brats and simmer until cooked through, 8 to 10 minutes. If coals are too hot spray with a water bottle to bring down the temperature.

Take the bratwurst out of the beer bath and set aside. Woo, Hoo... Remove the liquid, & bay leaf from onions in pan and let cool. Add olive oil, crushed red pepper, and chopped fresh parsley and set aside to top bratwurst. Butter the pan criollo or buns and toast on the grill just before serving. Layer bread with cheese, a brat, & top with the onion relish. Top with French's honey mustard and enjoy!

Zulu Graff. (Zone1, DazeRoc)

Here we go with our first installment in the Graffiti Blog. After staring at the Zulu piece for months I was finally able to clear some time to do what I love to do. The Zulu piece was rocked by Zone1-WST for the UZN San Diego Chapter 3 Year Anniversary. I got busy on the background and characters and gave the bode characters an Egyptian twist, which I believe had never been done. This one goes out to all Z's around the world, Zone, Sen1, SOJ, Sake, Pesa, & all other Bode enthusiast. Enjoy!

My Adidas!

Let's start this months "My Adidas!" segment with these suede Hi-tops Here we have a beautiful pair of Adidas Adicolor "Peace & Unity" jointz. Complete with Krylon and MC. Holla if you got a pair. Now I'm just waiting for my "Love & Having Fun" edition... Zee!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1980's NYC Graffiti legend Vulcan's art now available for you wall. That's right, live and direct to you wall. The character comes from his massive 60 foot long x 20foot tall masterpiece "Beyond Control" done in the famed Graffiti Hall of Fame. Own a piece of history, order at:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Blame One's - Leaks & Gems...

Photo compliments of

Just after a few months after his so called retirement and his well received second full length album "Days Chasing Days" he drops "Leaks & Gems" for free. This is Blames gift to the entire Hip Hop community. Further proof that this Hip Hop veteran still does it for the love. Don't believe the hype, Blame is far from retired. His positive messages on his songs and his each one teach one ways makes him an asset to our Hip Hop Community. Word is he is working with a Z rider right now on a banger. Stay tune for more in the near future from Blame One

Click the link below for the Free download. Enjoy!