Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aint no Half Stepp'n

I finally got around to uploading these flicks from the Writers Block event "STYLE A THON". With this being an invite only event, I knew I had to come with it, hence - "Ain't no Half Stepp'n". Big up to Serge, Bean, Kut, & the entire Writers Block for throwing the event. Also for the opportunity & invitation to our crew to get down and represent. Thanks again guys. I stayed up the night before till 4am getting the outline dialed in my head. With and early wake up time Coffee was the order first thing in the morning. Packed up my paint, tips, grabbed a hat for the sun and of I went. It's always dope when we get a few members of WST together to get it in. Zone has been missing in action and it was great to get back on track ad get of some burners for old times sake. I think we all feed of one another and the jokes don't stop. It was also a real cool congregation of San Diego 80's and 90's OG including: WST Crew (Zone, Izze, DazeRoc, & Sake), Dyse (creator of DyseOne Clothing Brand), Hasl (creator of Serye Clothing Brand), Brisk, Clip, Vapor, & Kuya, just to name a few. Wish someone would have taken a group photo. Anyways here are the long awaited flicks. Enjoy.

Click on the photos to view larger.

After spending half the day getting up the outline, I finally get to start on the first layer of Montana Colors.





SD Zulus in the house.





Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I'm missing a few more pieces. For a cool write up on Writers Block and the event check out this link:

There is also more photos there. Here is a few more photos I found compliments of Michael Herana.

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