Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1980's Graffiti Flashback

Been in the game for a minute and can't get away.  Going to try and dig up some 80's flicks every now and then to share with you guys the glorious 80's.  Here is an oldie but goody me and my old partner in crime rocked.  "CRIME IN THE CITY - Part 1".  Compliments of TAZ aka SAKE & DazeRoc 1986, in the 2 Yard.  One of San Diego's first yards.  Painted mainly with Growco spray paint, bought and racked at the Spring Valley Swap Meet.  We later on did a "Crime In The City - Part 2" in La Mesa, another city in San Diego.  

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Clone said...

nice. over half the cats in the yard where I write don't have even a fraction of the can control with high end paint as you guys have with Growco.