Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blood Fyah Warriors...

Friday evening and I get a "What up Geek!" from my mello my man ZONE1 on the iChat.  Before we even sent 5 messages to each other we had already made plans to go rock some long time coming Silvers.  I showed up at 8am sharp at the Writers Block and Zone was just 5 minutes behind.  The day looked bad and it didn't look promising at all. 

Before we could even get out of the cars it started raining.  Long story short it poured down for a few hrs. before we even got to make a decision to even paint.  I really didn't event think we pull it off but with the positive vibrations and light Morgan Heritage gave me at 6am sipping on my coffee, something had to give.  Zone wiped the walls down from the rain. with some towels he brought in anticipation.  We buffed our spot like mad men and started our outlines.  As usual Zone was done before I could blink and I ran out of my outline color with just a few 3-D spots to fill in.  Since we did silvers I spent my majority of my time with the 3-D.  Having ran out of my outline color I threw in the towel for the day.   I marked the wall "Not finished, Be back" and though I be back the next day.  Should of known better... We'll the next day turned out to be 2 days and by the time I returned some toys decided to practice their wack ass hand styles all over our pieces.  Barely even 2 days old and the pieces were all destroyed.  The theme was "Blood Fyah Warriors" so I decided to pull it off and fix my entire piece including the back ground witch I buffed with my bare hands.  I never found the exact color of my outline but had something that came pretty close.  The hardest thing was having to redo the 3-D spots that were messed up.  What I thought was going to take me 20 minutes to finish the original few 3-D spot I left not done, turned out to be 2 hrs. of fixing up lines and 3-D.  None the less I finished hit my tag and left with: "You can't stop We.." (Jamaican voice)


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