Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New DyseOne Graff Hoodie & Jeans

Check in at www.wildstyletechnicians.com and see the New DYSEONE Graff Zip Hoodie & Graff Jeans.  The Heavyweight zip hoodie is lined up with a multi-process including Flocking, Screen Printing, Large Embroidery and all the bells and whistles you would want.  The price is incredible for this type of garment. 
Also check out the matching Jeans and Tee.  The Jeans have tons of graff detail and attention through out the jean.  Inside, outsides.....  lol.  Thats what happens when you seen Style Wars as much as my generation...  The back of the jeans have a full color screen print on the back pockets.  The front has dripping screen print with large embroidery.  Limited numbers only, so don't sleep.

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