Friday, March 1, 2013

WU - The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan (Full Documentary)

Here we go with a Wu banger.  I know this flew right by some of you guys.  Many of you probably never even heard of it.  Here's the Wu Tang documentary titled: "WU - The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan."  Just thinking about some of their tracks makes me want to get my Timb's on and get free.  Yee!  These guys changed the game.  From their style and delivery to RZA's vision of what he wanted to create.  He understood something most fail to understand.  That being, that talent and rapping alone was not going to cut it.  RZA made a brand name, a packaged deal, he understood the business and the theatrical part of it.  He is truly a visionary.  You cocked-eye sucka MC's may want to take note.  Now sit back and enjoy the story of one of raps biggest story.  Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with...

Wu-Tang Forever

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