Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ms Melodie - BDP - Passes Away

Original Boogie Down Productions Queen and former KRS wife Ms. Melodie has passed.  Prayers and condolences to the family.  Ms. Melodie born Ramona Parker dropped her first single in 1989 titled "Hype According to Ms Melodie".  The track was produced by KRS.  She later dropped her only album "Diva" on JIVE Records.  Production on the album was done by then husband KRSONE, The Awesome 2, and Sam Sever.  She dropped her most famous video "Live on Stage" also in 1989 and was part of the famous video "Self Destruction".  She was a member of the Stop the Violence Movement and H.E.A.L.(Human Education Against Lies)
 Hype According to Ms Melodie Video
Live on Stage Video
Self Destruction Video
"I'm Ms. Melodie and I'm a born again rebel/The violence in rap must cease and seckle/If we want to develop and grow to another level/We can't be guinea pigs for the devil/The enemy knows, they're no fools/Because everyone knows that hip-hop rules/So we gotta get a grip and grab what's wrong/The opposition is weak and rap is strong" -- Ms. Melodie on "Self Destruction"
Heal Yourself Video 

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