Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheddar Stuffed Chipotle Turkey Burgers

Thanks to all of you who have been sending me shouts on the blog and especially on the "Cooking with DazeRoc" segment. Here's a new recipe from yours truly. Today we are going hit you off with some Cheddar Cheese stuffed Chipolet Turkey Burgers. I'm even going to give you some BBQ cooking tips on this one.


1 pound of ground turkey

1/2 cup of finely chopped onion

1 tablespoon of extra finely chopped green bell pepper

1/2 teaspoon of ancho chile pepper

3 teaspoon of adobo or some sort of seasoning salt.

4 "Z's" of pepper

1 block of extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 bunch of spinach

1 head of lettuce

4 ciabatta or other good bun or rolls


Chipotle ranch dressing


Ok here we go. On the first issue I started with filling a charcoal chimney with some Kingsford charcoals. For the ones of you that have never heard or seen a BBQ chimney here is what it looks like. If you grill even half a dozen times a year go get one of these. You will never need lighter fluid again, so it pays for itself. All you do is fill it up with charcoals and light some crumpled up newspaper and walk away. In about 15 minutes your coals will be ready and your food won't smell and taste like lighter fluid.

While your coals are getting lit get your burger patties together. In a large bowl combine Turkey ground, onion, bell pepper, ancho chile pepper, adobo seasoning, & black pepper. Make sure that the bell pepper is really minced well. You don't want no Eddie Murphy's Mom house burger with a big chunk of bell pepper hanging out the side. Combine all ingredients together with you hands and form 4 large 1/4 pound meat balls. Make sure to wash your hands and handling area good after handling the meat.

Cut 4 large chunks of good extra sharp cheddar cheese. Press piece of cheese inside one of the meat balls and form into a burger patty. Make sure that you seal up the cheese inside the patty good so that it does not melt out during cooking.

By now the coal should be ready. By ready I mean that they are all white. This is how you want your coals to be before you start cooking.

I like using the indirect method of Bar-B-Qing. Indirect means that you will be separating the coals evenly on each side of the grill and placing what you will be cooking in the middle of grill away from the coals. Indirect is good method for meats that usually take more time to cook on the grill like Chicken, Turkey and thick cuts of meat. Place the four 1/4 pound patties on the middle of the grill away from the hot coals.

Now place the top on your grill, grab a cool brew and kick back. Do not open the the grill again and do not flip or mess with the burgers. Let the grill do it's job. Let the burgers cook for 20 minutes with out opening the top. The burgers should be cooked, slightly browned and have some grill marks.

Top each burger with additional cheese. Slice buns and place over hot coals for a few minutes till toasted. Spread Mayonnaise and Chipotle dressing on toasted buns. Place burgers inside buns and top with spinach, lettuce and enjoy. You will be pleasantly surprised with the huge pocket of melted cheese inside the burger. "Provecho" P.S. Stay tune for the next segment of "Cooking with DazeRoc" I got something marinating for you guys....

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