Monday, March 29, 2010

West Coast LA King OG - TEMPT

Being out in the west coast since the early 80's, I've been blessed to see the Hip Hop culture grow out here to what it is now. In the late 80's me and some of the people in my crew started making trips to LA. I had a Sentra that made plenty of drives to LA. I even got pictures of that Sentra parked inside the world famous Belmont pit next to the wall with the trunk opened filled with over 100 krylon cans all racked.... Yeah in LA, in a crazy ass neighborhood in crazy times.... Sake somehow knew all the spots that we would find graff. To this date I still don't know how he knew where all the spots were, but he did. Zone also made plenty of trips in his huge boat of a Cadi he had. I don't want to know what that would cost in gas now a days. OK, back to LA and this post. On many of the early trips we made to LA, we couldn't help but notice TEMPT's work. Not only was it every where, every yard, & every freeway. It was also fresh and clean with all the dope Krylon colors of those days. I consider TEMPT a West Coast/LA King and legend. To this date one of TEMPT famous freeway kills is my all time favorite. If I ever find the photo that I took of it somewhere here in the vault I'll post it up. Trust me though, It was a full size piece with mad colors in the middle median that separates one of the huge freeways in LA. The most impressive thing about the piece besides the fresh colors and cleanliness was, you had to wonder how in the world he even pull it off. Tempt was also one of the founders of one of LA's first Graff mag "BIG TIME". For those of you that do not know "Tempt" was diagnosed in 2003 with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a rare neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness and resulting in paralysis. I was so moved when I seen this video that I wanted to share it with my peoples in case you never seen or heard of this. God bless you king....

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