Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hip Hop Lesson No. 4 - Technics SL-1200

Here we go with another Hip Hop history month lesson.  This is lesson No. 4 - The Technics SL-1200  Turntable.  With over 30 million sold, this is the industry standard.  From Radio Stations, DJ's, Turntablist, Recording Studios and any one that wanted the most reliable turntable ever made.  The SL-1200 was first manufactured in October 1972 and production ceased in late 2010.  The direct drive high torque motor design made it it stand out and aided in it's popularity.  I bought my pair in the 90's and everything still works like new.  Salute to everyone that owns a pair and cherishes them as much as true Hip Hoppers do.  Enjoy!

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