Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hip Hop is Universal x Hip Hop is Hip Hop

Hip Hop is Universal

Here's one that should put the Peace, Love, Unity & having Fun back into you.  This is a dope video showing you that Hip Hop is universal and gives back.  The world wide cast consist of MC's San E - South Korea,  Strike the Head - Italy,  Frenkie - Bosnia,  Pendekar - Singapore,  ADX - India,  Valete - Portugal,  Mr. Phormula - Wales,  Yacko - Indonesia,  SadmAnn - Bangladesh,  Julian Nagano - Japan,  Deeb - Egypt,  Mr. Skin - Taiwan,  Redrama - Finland,  & Boom Bap specialist KRS ONE representing the US.  Shout out to DJ IT - South Korea & Beat Boxer J-Cop/Jinjo Crew - South Korea.  Also B-Boys Spring, Chew, & Read Rock/T.I.P. Crew - South Korea.  Also can't forget graffiti artist JINSBH - South Korea.  This project sends the profits to UNICEF for children's education.  Big salute to everyone involved. #EachOneTeachOne  Enjoy!

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