Friday, February 1, 2013

The Art of 16 Bars

Here's another documentary I just ran across on the MC.  This 2005 documentary is titled "The Art of 16 Bars".   Here are some of the point that I found interesting or been saying the same for years.  I couldn't believe it when KRS said his entire library of music is up to for the public to sample.  You can sample word, phrases, music and he will not sue anyone for using it...  Dope!  Big Daddy Kane also broke it down when he said:  "I know labels look at their artist as being disposable.  That's the whole purpose of marketing them in a trendy, gimmicky kind of way.  That way you can sell a bunch of records with this here gimmick while it's in style, while it's fashionable now... And when it's over they ship them off and sign someone else."  He also went on to say this about all the different types of categories labeling the people: "He's a West coast artist, He's an East coast artist, She's Neo Soul, He's Old School, and I believe that's the problem..."  This point on the labels works with the other elements of Hip Hop as well.

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