Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 the Hardway Graffiti Production - B-Boy Summit 1997

Here's a real cool "Throw Back Thursday" flick I've been wanting to share with you guys for a while.  This was done in San Diego during the B-Boy Summit - 1997.   Representing you got "REY-DVS" from Sweden, "JUST195" from Los Angeles, "DazeRoc-WST" repping San Diego, & "VIRUS-AA" hailing out of Canada.  This was a great day.  Don't know what happened to REY, but he was one of the coolest cats I've ever met.  That dude was talking about and doing the "Brooklyn Rock" back then.  He wouldn't stop talking about it and trying to show me how to do it.  lol  Definitely miss the brother.  Also haven't seen or heard from VIRUS, another cool brother.


Zone WST said...

Reys moved back to Switzerland and still kills it on the regular with his crew EDK he has a Flicr.

DazeRoc said...

Good to know. Thanks brother.