Wednesday, December 5, 2012

San Diego's Graffiti Denim 3

Brought to you By KidRiz & Dojo Sounds is the "Graffiti Denim" show now in it's 3rd installment.  With a nice lineup of talented artist the night was destined to shine.  DJ's, B-Boys, & Art filled the space at Bar Basic as the smell of their custom pizzas trickled in the air.  The night was a success as it was also part of a toy drive.  I took the last few nights before the show to do a new jacket for my daughter to put in the show.  I also brought one of my gems.  A 1986 Levi jacket I use to rock when I was in high school.  My favorite jackets had to be Charlie Rock's jacket done by Tuff Tim Twist, IZZE's newly rocked one for the show and Sake's in the works jacket with a full on old school patch.  I might have to pay him to do one of those for me.  The more I looked at it the more it grew on me.  Here's  a few flicks from the show.  

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