Saturday, December 15, 2012

AlphaDaze - From A to Z. Graffiti Alphabet

Letter "A"

Here's my new series of the Going Platinum project.  This is the "AphaDaze - from A to Z" done for the Local Style art show thrown by Visual Art Shop.  I was really honored to have been part of the show and had a great time with my partner in crime Lady Daze. lol.  I finally got these back and wanted to share them and list them at the same time.  I'm going to post 26 letters in 26 days, so stay tune to the blog and catch all of them.  Most are still available for purchase for a super low price, so don't waste time hitting me up if you are interested in one of the letters.  These are all original and not prints.  They are painted on actual records to keep it Hip Hop and authentic.  Support your Graff writer....

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