Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MF Grimm - Good Morning Vietnam

Alright, you guys know I put you on to this and here is the final project. "Good Morning Vietnam - Starting MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental" on Vendetta Vinyl Records. Again something I'm really proud of since my NS family had their hands in it. From Drasar Monumentals production to my man Kufu's artwork on the cover. MF Grimm also gets it in on the Hip Hop battle field. Live and direct from Vietnam, CA. The project is checked off the list and the vinyl is shipping world wide. Limited edition wax so order your copy today. DJ friendly wax with additional instrumentals on side B. Support the music.

Side A
1. “Good Morning Vietnam”
2. “Tangerine”
3. “If You Don’t Know”
4. “Be Noble”
5. “Solar Soul Controller”
6. “Grand Opening”
7. “Mater Matuta”
Side B
1. “Good Morning Vietnam” instr.
2. “Tangerine” instr.
3. “If You Don’t Know” instr.
4. “Be Noble” instr.
5. “Solar Soul Controller” instri.
6. “Grand Opening” instri.
7. “Mater Matuta ” instri
Here's a direct link to place your order:

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