Monday, August 31, 2015

Zone-WST x The Quest for 100 in 2015

Zone-WST  x  The Quest for 100 in 2015

Here's a cool one for you guys and makes No. 42 out of 100 in The Quest for 100 in 2015.  So the people at Evolve paint decided to have a blackbook battle on their instagram account for the chance to win 100 free cans!  My man Zone never being a slouch kicked off a Piecebook master piece and sent it their way.  I thought he had for sure won since he got the most likes on his photo.  What ended up happening was they took the 2 top players and flew them to Miami for a 1 on 1 wall battle, Evolve picking up the paint sponsor.  Dam!  "Fly me out."  Yadada Free trip to MIA?!  #Happy  The top 2 writers ended up being Zone-WST & Clowns-Tits.  Both friends and not new to painting with one another.  I think that took a lot of the pressure off the Cali boys since they could crack jokes and keep it loose.  One thing they probably did not plan for was the Miami heat and humidity.  Working late into the night, both artist were soaked in sweat.  After a good day or so the news came in and my brother Zone took the battle and won the 100 free Evolve spray paint cans.  Big salute to my brother for his hard earned trip and win.  One love Zone.


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