Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zone-WST x The Quest for 100 in 2015

Zone-WST  x  The Quest for 100 in 2015

Here's one that I have been wanting to share with your guys for a minute.  This is Zones's no. 41 out of 100 in the Quest for 100 in 2015.  What makes this one special for me other than the dope graff, is that long time friend Style-TFL is now the newest WST member.  Me and Zone met Style & Wesk while they were is SD going to college.  Once we met, there was an amount of respect that we shared with one another.  We were seeing the work they were doing while here in SD and they were seeing the work me and Zone were doing in the yards.  Big salute to you STYLE and welcome to the WST family.  Very happy to see this guy join the team.  Stay tune for more updates…


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