Friday, April 17, 2015

Sopita de Letras

Sopita de Letras
Here's a cool one right here.  These are some flicks I got from the recent art show "Sopita de Letras" at the Centro Cultural de la Raza.  The show was curated by Chale and was based on the letters of the spanish alphabet.   A great ensemble of artist was selected and each artist was given a letter to do.
     I was honored and extremely thankful to be among the artist.  My name drew the letter "I".  I went with a lower case "i" on a 24" x 36" canvas.  I used spray paint, paint markers, & special glow in the dark paint for fun in the dark.  The canvas lights up once the lights go off.  The show runs thru May 8th with a closing reception in case you missed out or are in the area.  Special salute to the organizing committee for the opportunity and the support of the show (Ayler, Chale, Mex, Spic, Oldie, Tommy Ramirez, Aida Soria, & Zane).  I don't have flicks of all the pieces since my camera was tripping, but here are most of them.  Enjoy!

This is the opening piece that greets you as you walk in.  Piece done by Spic.

A study of the letter "A" by Zone-WST.

The letter "B"  by Beto.

The letter "C" by Mex.

Letter "D" by Spic.

Letter "E" by Opts.

Letter "F" by Motive.

Best of the show.  Letter "G" by Sake-WST.  You have to see this up close to really appreciate the 100's of hrs taken to complete the piece.

Letter "H" by Jimmy Vegas


Letter "I" by yours truly.

Letter "J" by Amnie.

Letter "K" by Koal.

Letter "M" by Arest-WST.

Letter "N" by Ayler.

Letter "P" by Izzy-WST.

Letter "Q" by Waster.

Letter "R" by Bazer.

Letter "S" by Zane.

Letter "U" by Blondi.

Letter "V" by Brave.

Letter "W" by Werk.

Letter "X" by Chale.  This another canvas you have to see up close to see the meticulous work and attention to detail.

Letter "&" by Cory Witt

Leter "Z" by Ferst.

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