Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DazeRoc x Wild Style Technicians x Ironlak

DazeRoc  x  Wild Style Technicians  x  Ironlak
Here's one that I've been wanting to share with you guys for quite sometime now.  Finally got around to going thru the footage and made a lil video for you guys to enjoy.  It had been a while since I rocked a B-Boy mugsy character and I was determine to pull it off.  I threw a Kangol on him to keep it Hip Hop and was pleased with the final result.  For the main fill I used Ironlaks: Keen, Tues-Afterburn, & Pose-Sushi.  I tried something new on the 3-D and hit my one point perspective with a bunch of turquoise tones that I had laying around. I think I used over 5 colors on the 3-D.  This was a bit challenging since I had to hit every line at the right angle.  After I got that right I came back and gave it a quick white highlight in the center of all the 3-D chunks.  For the back ground I just used some almost empty cans and threw in a few bubbles for good old school measure.  Check out the video below and thanks for checking in.  One Love.

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