Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ironlak BBQ Burners

"Arriba Arriba!  Andale Andale!!!" x Ironlak BBQ Burners San Diego

I finally got back around to the blog after a bout with computer struggles..  Here's flicks of what I'm calling the: "Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale!!!" production by Wild Style Technicians own, AREST150, ZONE1, & DAZE ROC.  This took place at this years "Ironlak BBQ Burners" in San Diego.  The event was in conjunction with the Writerz Blok and with help from Wild Style Technicians.  Always blessed and honored to be able to rock and get an opportunity to get down with the crew.  Huge shout to Ironlak for their help and generous donation.  Big up to the Writerz Blok for providing an avenue and 2 thumbs up to the DJ's for keeping the vibe going.  I'll have a video of this soon, so stand by.  In the mean time, enjoy!

Arest 150 close up.


Zone1 close up.


Daze Roc close up.

 Arest 150
 Speedy Gonzales by Zone1
 SlowPoke Rodriguez by Daze Roc
 Daze Roc

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