Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Graffiti Kaleidoscope x Mad C

Mad C - Graffiti Kaleidoscope
OK guys.  It's been a minute since I gave you one concerning the Queen B of Graff and by that I mean MAD C.  On this piece, the transition of the artist and the progression to think outside the box and constantly push the envelope hit a home run.  Don't know what these bad boys are worth but seeing that only 8 pieces were made they got to be a pretty penny.  A big fan of the transparent colors from spray paint company Belton her sponsor, the Kaleidoscope idea seems to work from the start.  Made for her solo show "Reflections" at the Kolly Gallery, the pieces are made out of anodized aluminum and made to look like a 600ml spray paint can.  They are hand painted to match each piece and boast hand cut pieces of colored glass that also match the color scheme.  Smh…  Below are a few flicks from the project and a video that sheds more light on the Kaleidoscope.  Enjoy!

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