Friday, July 19, 2013

The Search for the Golden Cheech Wizard - Part - 1

The Search for the Golden Cheech Wizard.

So the WST crew has this friendly battle started by the WST General,  Zone1.   The winner get's the covetted Golden Cheech Wizard Award for an entire year and get's to set up the rules for next years battle.  Izzy, being the winner of last years battle got to make up the guidelines for this years jump off.  Main rule is for the piece to say "WST".  Artist is free to add background and or characters.  Here's my first entry and "Damit!  I Want My Dam Cheech!!" 
 I went with a different color scheme using a light color (MTN-Hardcore2-Glacier Blue) for the outline instead of the usual dark contrasting color.  I used a 4 color fade, inspired from an African sunset I seen in a movie.  The fade consisted of All City - Providence Purple, Ironlak - Pose Sushi, old MTN Hardcore -  Fever Red, & MTN Hardcore2 - Soviet Red.   For the 3-D I went with some 1970 greens and used some Ironlak & MTN 94 for the fill.  I also tried something new with the glare lines although I'm not sure I like it.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

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